The Organization of Pop Music From the First 30 Years of ZTT Records

Trevor Horn’s groundbreaking electro-pop label ZTT Records is commemorating a major milestone this fall with The Organization of Pop: Music From The First Thirty Years of ZTT Records, a new 2CD, 28-track compilation that collects tracks from Propaganda, Art of Noise, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Buggles, 808 State and more.

The album, due out Oct. 15, “not only highlights the hits of the label, but the hidden gems and rarities that fans may have missed over the years,” according to the label.

The set also includes previously unreleased mixes of tracks by Art of Noise and late-’80s dance-rock outfits Nasty Rox Inc. and Das Psycho Rangers.

See full tracklist below:


Tracklist: The Organization of Pop: Music From The First Thirty Years of ZTT Records

Disc 1: The Organisation of Pop (the Action Series, from ZTT)
1. Grace Jones, “Slave To The Rhythm”
2. Seal, “Kiss From A Rose”
3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood. “Relax” (New York Mix)
4. 808 State, “Pacific” (Justin Strauss 0101 Mix)
5. Art of Noise. “Beat Box”
6. Propaganda. “Dr. Mabuse (Abuse)”
7. Tom Jones. “If Only I Knew” (Cold Stop Version)
8. MC Tunes vs 808 State, “Dance Yourself To Death” (Dust Brothers Radio Edit)
9. Propaganda. “Sorry For Laughing” (Unapologetic 12” Mix)
10. 808 State. “Cubik” (Pan American Excursion)
11. Frankie Goes To Hollywood. “Two Tribes”
12. Shane MacGowan and Sinead O’Connor. “Haunted”
13. The Frames. “Star Star”
14. Art of Noise. “Moments In Love” (Beaten)

Disc 2: The Disorganisation of Pop (the Incidental Series, from Zang Tuum Tumb)
1. The Buggles, “We Can Fly From Here (Part One)”
2. The Frames, “Saw It To Me Now”
3. Shame MacGowan and Maire Brennan, “You’ve The One”
4. The Frames, “Seven Day Mile”
5. Lee Griffiths, “Sweet Baby James”
6. Das Psycho Rangers, “Homage to the Blessed” *
7. Art of Noise featuring Rakim, “Metaforce” *
8. Nasty Rox Inc., “Escape From New York” (12” Mix) *
9. ACT, “Snobbery & Decay” (That’s Entertainment Mix)
10. The Buggles, “I Am A Camera” (12” Mix)
11. Frankie Goes To Hollywood, “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” (Fruitness Mix)
12. Lisa Stansfield, “The Moment”
13. The Buggles, “We Can Fly From Here (Part Two)”
14. Andrew Poppy, “Kink Konk Adagio”

* Previously unreleased mixes




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