The third round of 5 Albums box sets from reissue label Beggars Archive — collections that have been pitched to fans as “the last chance to present (these) albums as physical releases in the foreseeable future” — will collect full albums, singles and assorted bonus tracks from Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim and Gene Loves Jezebel this November.

The 5 Albums series launched earlier this year with the release, in the U.K., of new five-disc sets from Love and Rockets, Gary Numan and Natacha Atlas. That was followed up last month with a second round of titles, this time from The Fall, Icicle Works and Buffalo Tom.

At least one more set, from The Charlatans, is still expected.

According to the Beggars website, the new round of 5 Albums sets include:

  • Bauhaus: The 5 Albums box collects the band’s four pre-reunion albums (1980’s In the Flat Field, 1981’s Mask, 1982’s The Sky’s Gone Out, 1983’s Burning From the Inside) plus a 20-track fifth disc featuring singles, mixes and B-sides. In the Flat Field and Mask are the remastered versions used for the Omnibus editions, while The Sky’s Gone Out and Burning From the Inside are newly remastered by Tony Cousins. It’s the first remastering from the original analog tapes since 1988, aside from a few tracks that were remastered for the Crackle best-of.
  • Fields of the Nephilim: The new box set collects the band’s first three studio albums (1987’s Dawnrazor, 1988’s The Nephilim, 1990’s Eliziuim), some of which have bonus tracks, plus the 1991 live album Earth Inferno and a new 13-track collection of singles and remixes. Beggars, on its website, makes no mention of whether the albums are remastered.
  • Gene Loves Jezebel: The new set collects the group’s first five studio albums (1983’s Promise, 1985’s Immigrant, 1986’s Discover, 1988’s The House of Dolls, 1990’s Kiss of Life), each with copious bonus tracks, including singles, mixes, demos and more. All told, there are 42 bonus tracks spread across the five discs. But, again, Beggars does not say whether the albums are remastered.

The box sets are due out in November in the U.K., but a specific date hasn’t yet been announced.

See full tracklists below.



Tracklist: Bauhaus, 5 Albums

CD 1: In the Flat Field
1. “Double Dare”
2. “In The Flat Field”
3. “A God In An Alcove”
4. “Dive”
5. “The Spy In The Cab”
6. “Small Talk Stinks”
7. “St. Vitus Dance”
8. “Stigmata Martyr”
9. “Nerves”

CD 2: Mask
1. “Hair Of The Dog”
2. “The Passion Of Lovers”
3. “Of Lilies And Remains”
4. “Dancing”
5. “Hollow Hills”
6. “Kick In The Eye 2”
7. “In Fear Of Fear”
8. “Muscle In Plastic”
9. “The Man With X-Ray Eyes”
10. “Mask”

CD 3: The Sky’s Gone Out
1. “Third Uncle”
2. “Silent Hedges”
3. “In The Night”
4. “Swing The Heartache”
5. “Spirit”
6. “The Three Shadows Part 1”
7. “The Three Shadows Part 2”
8. “The Three Shadows Part 3”
9. “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything”
10. “Exquisite Corpse”

CD 4: Burning From the Inside
1. “She’s In Parties”
2. “Antonin Artaud”
3. “Wasp”
4. “King Volcano”
5. “Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?”
6. “Slice Of Life”
7. “Honeymoon Croon”
8. “Kingdom’s Coming”
9. “Burning From The Inside”
10. “Hope”

CD 5: Singles
1. “Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores”
2. “Poison Pen”
3. “Telegram Sam”
4. “Ziggy Stardust”
5. “Dark Entries”
6. “Scopes”
7. “The Sanity Assassin”
8. “Spirit”
9. “Lagartija Nick”
10. “Earwax”
11. “Watch The Grandad Go”
12. “Third Uncle” (Single Edit)
13. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”
14. “In Fear Of Dub”
15. “Kick In The Eye” (Single Remix)
16, “She’s In Parties” (Single Edit)
17. “Crowds”
Bonus tracks
18. “Paranoia, Paranoia”
19. “Spirit In The Sky”
20. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Tomb Raider Mix)


Fields of the Nephilim

Tracklist: Fields of the Nephilim, 5 Albums

CD 1: Dawnrazor
1. “Intro (The Harmonica Man)”
2. “Slow Kill”
3. “Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned)”
4. “Vet For The Insane”
5. “Dust”
6. “Reanimator”
7. “Dawnrazor”
8. “The Sequel”
Bonus tracks
9. “Power”
10. “Secrets”
11. “The Tower”
12. “Laura II”
13. “Preacher Man”
14. “Blue Water”

CD 2: The Nephilim
1. “Endemoniada”
2. “The Watchman”
3. “Phoebia”
4. “Moonchild”
5. “Chord Of Souls”
6. “Shiva”
7. “Celebrate”
8. “Love Under Will”
9. “Last Exit For The Lost”
Bonus tracks
10. “Moonchild (Longevity)”
11. “Celebrate (Second Seal)”

CD 3: Elizium
1. “(Dead But Dreaming)”
2. “For Her Light”
3. “At The Gates Of Silent Memory”
4. “(Paradise Regained)”
5. “Submission”
6. “Sumerland (What Dreams May Come)”
7. “Wail Of Sumer”
8. “And There Will Your Heart Be Also”
Bonus tracks
9. “Psychonaut (Lib III)”
10. “Submission Two (The Dub Posture)”
11. “Sumerland” (Single Version)

CD 4: Earth Inferno
1. “Intro (Dead But Dreaming)”/”For Her Light”/”At The Gates Of Silent Memory”/”(Paradise Regained)”
2. “Moonchild”
3. “Submission”
4. “Preacher Man”
5. “Love Under Will”
6. “Sumerland”
7. “Last Exit For The Lost”
8. “Psychonaut”
9. “Dawnrazor”

CD 5: Singles & Mixes
1. “Preacher Man” (Contaminated Mix)
2. “Blue Water (Electrostatic)”
3. “Moonchild (Second Seal)”
4. “Psychonaut (Lib I)”
5. “For Her Light (Two)”
6. “Submission (Non Resistance)”
7. “Sumerland” (Dreamed Version)
8. “In Every Dream Home A Heartache”
9. “Blue Water (Hotwire)”
10. “Moonchild (Unsealed)”
11. “(Dead But Dreaming) For Her Light”
Bonus tracks
12. “Psychonaut (Lib II)”
13. “Psychonaut (Lib IIII)”


Gene Loves Jezebel

Tracklist: Gene Loves Jezebel, 5 Albums

CD 1: Promise
1. “Upstairs”
2. “Bruises”
3. “Pop Tarantula”
4. “Screaming For Emmalene”
5. “Scheming”
6. “Bread From Heaven”
7. “Influenza”
8. “Shower Me With Brittle Punches”
9. “Wraps And Arms”
10. “Psychological Problems”
Bonus tracks
11. “Bruises” (Extended Single Version)
12. “Punch Drunk”
13. “Stephen” (Original Version)
14. “Brando (Bruises)” (Edit Version)
15. “Screaming For Emmalene” (Single Version)
16. “So Young (Heave Hard Heave Ho)”
17. “No Voodoo Dollies”
18. “Machismo”
19. “Glad To Be Alive”

CD 2: Immigrant
1. “Always A Flame”
2. “Shame”
3. “Stephen”
4. “The Immigrant”
5. “Cow”
6. “Worth Waiting For”
7. “The Rhino Plasty”
8. “Deep South Whale”
9. “Coal Porter”
Bonus tracks
10. “Flame” (Extended Version)
11. “One Someone”
12. “You Weaken Her (Cow)”
13. “Shame (Whole Heart Howl)”
14. “Thin Things”
15. “Gorgeous” (Original Version)
16. “Desire” (Extended Version)

CD 3: Discover
1. “Heartache”
2. “Over The Rooftops”
3. “Kick”
4. “A White Horse”
5. “Wait And See”
6. “Desire”
7. “Beyond Doubt”
8. “Sweetest Thing”
9. “Maid Of Sker”
10. “Brand New Moon”
Bonus tracks
11. “Desire (Come And Get It)”
12. “Sapphire Scavenger”
13. “New Horizons”
14. “Message” (Original Version)
15. “Deli Babies”
16. “Psycho 2”
17. “Heartache” (UK Club Mix)
18. “Vagabond”
19. “Suspicion” (Original Version)
20. “Sweetest Thing” (Extended Mix)

CD 4: The House of Dolls
1. “Gorgeous”
2. “The Motion Of Love”
3. “Set Me Free”
4. “Suspicion”
5. “Every Door”
6. “Twenty Killer Hurtz”
7. “Treasure”
8. “Message”
9. “Drowning Crazy”
10. “Up There”
Bonus tracks
11. “The Motion Of Love” (Jezebel Mix)
12. “A Fresh Slice”
13. “Bugg’s Bruises”
14. “Vagabond (A New Adventure)”
15. “Girls In Cars”
16. “Someone on The Sixth Floor”
17. “Rivers Edge”
18. “Suspicion” (Jezebel Mix)

CD 5: Kiss of Life
1. “Jealous”
2. “It’ll End In Tears”
3. “Kiss Of Life”
4. “Why Can’t I”
5. “Syzygy”
6. “Walk Away”
7. “Tangled Up In You”
8. “Two Shadows”
9. “Evening Star”
10. “I Die For You”
Bonus tracks
11. “Jealous” (UK Remix)
12. “Last Year”
13. “While You Were Away”
14. “Life Without Love”
15. “It’ll End In Tears” (Demo)
16. “Two Shadows” (Demo)
17. “Last Year” (Demo)
18. “Jealous” (Demo)






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