Kitchens of Distinction

If you’ve been waiting nearly 20 years for a new album from Kitchens of Distinction, what’s a couple more weeks? The reunited dreampop trio’s Folly had been scheduled for release this week, but thanks to a “manufacturing blip,” it’s been pushed back to Oct. 14 in the U.K., with a U.S. release now expected to follow on Nov. 5.

To tide fans over, the band has posted another new track from the set: “Photographing Rain.”

Stream the full track below.

The band describes the song as such:

Photographing Rain: The weather is choking, rain everywhere, waves coming over the esplanade. Two men hide between the houses, breathless, on the run. There are lights flashing, there are men shouting. The pursuit is on. The men get separated. The chasers catch up with them. The lights sear. The men know what is coming next.
Cut to a beautiful bright morning, a hot sun already by 10am. The courts are emptying; in this country justice is swift. The last the two men see of their short lives is the sun, the sun, the sun.

The song took a while to form, with a piano riff first developed by Patrick. Julian then went to town, layering over 50 guitar fragments to give the whole this restless pace. Dan plays the whooshing cymbals. Drums were later provided by Patrick Hannan in his studio, engineered by Pete Marett.

Due to its intricacies and subtleties this song is best played at higher volumes.

KoD’s Folly is now available for pre-order from 3 Loop Music.


Kitchens of Distinction, “Photographing Rain”






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