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Stream: Bok Bok (Buzzcocks, The Fall), ‘Come Back To Me’ — Record Store Day 7-inch

Bok Bok

One of the truly wonderful aspects of Record Store Day is the ability to dredge up long-forgotten releases and grant them new life, as the Captured Tracks label is doing this year with Bok Bok, the blink-and-you-missed it project from Buzzcocks bassist Steve Garvey and drummer Karl Burns of The Fall that released a grand total of one 7-inch in its very brief history.

That 7-inch single, “Come Back To Me” b/w “Misfit,” originally released in 1980 and long, long out-of-print, is being reissued for Record Store Day on April 19 — and you can stream the A-side below.

Garvey and Burns originally teamed up in The Teardrops after the drummer left The Fall (he’d re-join, then leave, Mark E. Smith’s crew several times through the late ’90s). The Teardrops dissolved in 1980, though, which led Garvey and Burns to enlist singer Dave Price to record their lone single together as Bok Bok.

As you can hear below, “Come Back To Me” is an energetic, highly melodic punk/post-punk number — not at all surprising to hear from a member of the Buzzcocks — that will stick with you.

Check it out:





  1. Nice bit of hidden punk/ new wave history here.

  2. Jones Foyer

    Hey, it’s almost the intro to Fast Cars at :50…

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