Game Theory 2

Omnivore Recordings will launch a new Game Theory reissue campaign this September with the first release of the band’s debut Blaze of Glory in its original form since the album’s original issue  in 1982, supplementing the 12-track record with 15 bonus tracks — including 11 previously unreleased recordings from the late Scott Miller’s personal archive.

Due out Sept. 2 on CD and vinyl, the 27-track release will be the first in a series of expanded Game Theory reissues from Omnivore, with 1985’s Real Nighttime and 1987’s Lolita Nation among the titles to come.

Blaze of Glory has been out of print in its original form for decades; it was remixed and re-recorded as part of the similarly out-of-print 1993 compilation Distortion of Glory. The new reissue will include the full album remastered from the original tapes, plus 15 bonus tracks: four from Miller’s pre-Game Theory band Alternate Learning, and 11 from his archives (full tracklist below).

In the reissue’s liner notes, Game Theory bass player Fred Juhos says:

“The first record foreshadows Scott’s other recordings admirably. Within it, I hear some of Scott’s freshest material. It’s innocent and contains no hint of the jaded cynicism found in his later work.”

The LP release initially will be on pink vinyl, with black to follow, and will include a download card. Both the CD and vinyl release will include new liner notes by Game Theory tour manager Dan Vallor.

Miller, who fronted the ’80s college-rock favorites known for a sound somewhere between power pop and jangle pop, and, later, through much of the ’90s, The Loud Family, died in April 2013. With Game Theory, Miller released a string of well-received — by critics and adoring fans, if not the wider public — throughout the ’80s, peaking with 1986 single “Erica’s Word” and Lolita Nation.

Following Miller’s death, his webmaster had, for a time, offered up the full Game Theory catalog for free download, since the music had been out of print for so long.

Below, see a video trailer for the Blaze of Glory reissue and check out the full tracklist.



Game Theory

Tracklist: Game Theory, Blaze of Glory

1. “Something To Show”
2. “Tin Scarecrow”
3. “White Blues”
4. “Date With An Angel”
5. “Mary Magdalene”
6. “The Young Drug”
7. “Bad Year At UCLA”
8. “All I Want Is Everything”
9. “Stupid Heart”
10. “Sleeping Through Heaven”
11. “It Gives Me Chills”
12. “The Girls Are Ready To Go”
Bonus tracks:
13. “Another Wasted Afternoon” – Alternate Learning
14. “What’s The Matter” – Alternate Learning
15. “Scott Miller Testing Laboratories: Record Test #1” – Scott Miller and Jozef Becker
16. “In The Still Of The Night” – Scott Miller
17. “Bad Year At UCLA” (Reprise)
18. “She’s A Woman Of The World” – Scott Miller
19. “Scott Miller Testing Laboratories: Record Test #2” – Scott Miller and Jozef Becker
20. “Beach State Rockking” – Alternate Learning
21. “Aliens In Our Midst”
22. “Untitled Piano Piece” – Scott Miller
23. “The New You” – Alternate Learning
24. “Scott Miller Testing Laboratories: Record Test #3” – Scott Miller and Jozef Becker
25. “Bad Year At UCLA” (Live)
26. “Scott Miller Testing Laboratories: Record Test #4” – Scott Miller and Jozef Becker
27. “Mary Magdalene” (Live)






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