One of Ministry’s earliest tracks — the oft-bootlegged “Same Old Madness,” which was recorded in 1982 and even has a video, but never was released — finally sees the official light of day on an expanded 2CD reissue of Al Jourgensen and Co.’s classic Wax Trax!-era compilation Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984.

The reissue from Cleopatra Records, expanded from the original 8 tracks into a 17-song set, quietly surfaced on iTunes late last month (and Spotify) and sees a physical CD release on Tuesday.

But aside from the inclusion of “Same Old Madness,” the rest of the new bonus material is previously released — despite how some of it is labeled in Cleopatra’s promotional material — with much of it having been collected on 2004’s Early Trax compilation.

Also puzzling is the insertion of the “Nature of Love” (Cruelty Mix) onto the original compilation on Disc 1, the than the Cruelty Mix B that originally appeared on Twelve Inch Singles (on the reissue, Cruelty Mix B appears on the bonus disc. Similarly, on the original compilation, it appears “All Day” (Remix B) has been swapped with the ever-so-slightly shorter (we’re talking 4 seconds) “All Day” (Remix).

Below, check out the full tracklist, and the unreleased but widely bootlegged video for “Same Old Madness”


Tracklist: Ministry, Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984: Expanded Edition

1. “(Everyday Is) Halloween”
2. “Nature Of Love”
3. “All Day”
4. “Cold Life”
5. “Halloween Remix”
6. “Nature Of Love” (Cruelty Mix)
7. “All Day” (Remix)
8. “Cold Life Dub”

1. “Same Old Madness” (Previously Unreleased)
2. “Primental”
3. “I’m Falling”
4. “Nature Of Outtakes”
5. “I’m Falling” (Alternative Mix)
6. “Overkill”
7. “He’s Angry”
8. “Move” (Original Mix)
9. “Nature Of Love” (Cruelty Mix B)


Video: Ministry, “Same Old Madness” (1982)






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