Thoughts Detecting Machines

Fans who’ve followed the work of Rick Valentin shouldn’t be surprised by the guitars-meets-electronics sound of his new project Thoughts Detecting Machines. As frontman of strident late-’80s indie-rockers Poster Children, Valentin would help launch, a decade later, a concurrent electronic side project called Salaryman.

Now, after releasing two EPs as Thoughts Detecting Machines, Valentin is prepping a debut album — Work the Circuits, due out March 16 via his label Twelve Inch Records — that combines those basic elements of Poster Children and Salaryman.

Today, you can stream and/or download the first track off that record, the throbbing rocker “New Day.”

Valentin says of “New Day”:

“This is a simple song about how things like self-help mantras, life hacks, and fad diets are supposed to solve problems, but are problems themselves. Musically, I think of it as a kind of suburban raga that gets interrupted by pogoing guitars.”

Check it out for yourself:





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