Duran Duran bassist John Taylor today announced that he tested positive for the new coronavirus three weeks ago, and has since recovered from a mild case of COVID-19, an illness he described in a social media post as feeling like a “turbo-charged flu.”

“Perhaps I am a particularly robust 59 year old — I like to think I am — or was blessed with getting only a mild case of COVID-19,” Taylor wrote, “but after a week or so of what I would describe as a ‘turbo-charged flu,’ I came out of it feeling okay — although I must admit I didn’t mind the quarantine as it gave me the chance to really recover.”

Taylor wrote that he is speaking out about his recovery because of the “enormous amount of fear” surrounding the pandemic, “some of it entirely justified.” He added, “I want to let you know that it isn’t always a killer, and we can and will beat this thing.”

Read his full statement below.






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