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The Stone Roses to release ‘Collection,’ new 16-track Silvertone-era compilation

The Stone Roses, circa 1989

For a band that only recorded two albums, The Stones Roses don’t suffer from a lack of anthologization, with at least two best-ofs, a singles/B-sides comp and a remix collection to their name — not to mention last year’s expansive multi-format reissue of the band’s classic 1989 debut album.

Now comes yet another compilation: Collection, a 16-track Silvertone-era retrospective — featuring no new or previously unreleased material, let alone anything from 1995’s The Second Coming — that will be released by Sony Music this week in the U.K.

The disc features a strange assortment of tracks from 1988-1990, with just one of The Stone Roses’ five singles (“Waterfall,” which also lends its John Squire artwork for the new comp’s sleeve) making an appearance. Meaning there’s no “Made of Stone,” “She Bangs the Drums,” “I Wanna Be Adored” or “I Am the Resurrection.”

Among the disc’s other inclusions: most of the band’s non-album A-sides (“Elephant Stone,” “Fools Gold,” “What the World is Waiting For,” “One Love”), several The Stone Roses album cuts (“This Is the One,” “Shoot You Down,” “Don’t Stop”) and a smattering of the era’s B-sides (“Guernica,” “Going Down,” “Standing Here”).

On the slightly more rare side, Collection also features a lone demo from last year’s The Stone Roses 20th anniversary expanded reissue (“Mersey Paradise”) and one of the A Guy Called Gerald mixes of “Fools Gold” from the 1992 dance re-release of that single.

See full tracklist for The Stone Roses’ ‘Collection’ after the jump…

The Stone Roses, 'Collection'

Tracklist: The Stone Roses, Collection

1. “Fools Gold” (Full Length)
2. “Waterfall”
3. “This Is The One”
4. “Elephant Stone” (Edit)
5. “Guernica”
6. “(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister”
7. “Shoot You Down”
8. “What The World Is Waiting For”
9. “One Love” (Edit)
10. “Something’s Burning” (Edit)
11. “Don’t Stop”
12. “Mersey Paradise” (Demo)
13. “Going Down”
14. “Standing Here”
15. “Simone”
16. “Fools Gold” (A Guy Called Gerald Top Won Mix)


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