Show your love for all things ’80s college rock by plastering Slicing Up Eyeballs stickers all over your bumpers, laptops, record shelving or whatnot. It’s, well, maybe not the latest rage, but a rage nonetheless.

Want some? Two ways to score these stickers:


The Free Option

If you’re in the U.S., just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope — and to be clear, that means a standard-sized mailing envelope addressed to yourself with a first-class U.S. stamp affixed to it, then stuck inside another envelope that’s also got postage on it — to the following address and you’ll receive one (1) free Slicing Up Eyeballs sticker:

Slicing Up Eyeballs
Attn: Bumper Sticker Department
P.O. Box 12097
Denver, CO 80212-0097


The Send a Couple Bucks Option

If you don’t want to bother with stamps and envelopes and the whole mailing-a-letter thing, you may instead simply a send a few dollars via our new Slicing Up Eyeballs Merch Table — it’s $2 plus shipping for people living in the U.S. and Canada, and $4 plus shipping anywhere else in the world — to cover shipping and handling, parts and labor, etc., and, in return, you’ll receive two (2) Slicing Up Eyeballs stickers. While you’re over there, check out our cool cassette-themed buttons, too.