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Ian Brown to release new solo album ‘Ripples’ — hear single ‘First World Problems’

Ian Brown, the once-again-former lead singer of The Stone Roses, will release his first new solo album in a decade next year, a 10-song collection called Ripples that is preceded by the release of lead-off single, and lead-off track, “First World Problems” — which you can hear below.

The album, due out March 1, was produced by Brown himself, and features three songs Brown co-wrote with his sons, who play “a multitude of instruments” on the record. The album also includes covers of songs by Jamaican reggae figures Barrington Levy (“Black Rose”) and Mikey Dread (“Break Down the Walls”).

News of Brown’s upcoming solo effort comes more than a year after the Roses’ reunion seemingly fizzled out after five years with one last performance in Glasgow, at the end of which Brown announced to the crowd, “Don’t be sad it’s over. Be happy that it happened.”

The Roses, which fell apart in the 1996 following the departures of guitarist John Squire and drummer Reni, shocked the music world with their announcement in 2011 that they would reunite the following year. After that, the band played sporadic concerts, with just a handful in the U.S. — an ill-fated Coachella headlining slot, and a more well-received Madison Square Garden gig.

The band signed a new recording contract before the reunion shows even began, but the rumored album never materialized and the group only released two digital singles — “All For One” and “Beautiful Thing” — in the intervening years after getting back together.

Below, check out the tracklist for Brown’s new album and hear the first single.


Tracklist: Ian Brown, Ripples

1. “First World Problems”
2. “Black Roses”
3. “Breathe And Breathe Easy (The Everness Of Now)”
4. “The Dream And The Dreamer”
5. “From Chaos To Harmony”
6. “It’s Raining Diamonds”
7. “Ripples”
8. “Blue Sky Day”
9. “Soul Satisfaction”
10. “Break Down The Walls (Warm Up Jam)”






  1. Haunted When the Minutes Drag

    There is probably no one in this country who loves the Stone Roses more than I do. But I am so f’n tired of the fact that they cannot/could not get their shit together.

    How hard would it have been to record an album? Or do a proper tour of the US? I have been defending these guys for years, and they do very little, other than disappoint. This new song is fine, I guess. But it really is just more Ian Brown self-indulgence (pretty much like his last three or four solo albums). Call Squire and make something great!!!

  2. Wow. Sounds like the B-side to a B-side by The Farm.

  3. Ian singing over a Muzak version of “Freedom! ’90”? Bummer.

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