Depeche Mode

Fans of Depeche Mode are abuzz over news that all five past and present members — Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher, plus ex-bandmates Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder — will appear on disc together for the first time on a new remix album reported to be in the works.

While DM hasn’t formally announced the project, fan sites have been reporting about artists being asked to remix tracks, and Clarke — who left the band following 1981’s Speak & Spell last month tweeted news that he was working on a new remix of the 1987 single “Behind the Wheel” (“I believe there is a new remix album to be released,” he wrote).

A few days ago, fan site Home confirmed that Wilder — who replaced Clarke in DM and stayed in the group until 1995 — also is contributing a mix of “In Chains,” the opening track of 2009’s Sounds of the Universe. The site reports that other remixers include New Order’s Bernard Sumner, Mark Ronson, The Arcade Fire and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The involvement of both Clarke and Wilder in a new Depeche Mode project is perhaps not surprising after the events of this year, which include Wilder joining DM onstage in London to perform “Somebody,” Gore DJ’ing one of Wilder’s Recoil gigs in California, and Clarke re-teaming with Gore to record a dance album.



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