Morrissey with 'Fuck' T-shirt

Leave it to Morrissey to attack his own fans: At a gig Monday night in Bradford, England, the former Smiths frontman and his band took the stage for an encore of “This Charming Man” wearing matching black T-shirts emblazoned with an all-caps declaration, “FUCK MORRISSEY-SOLO.COM.”

Moz’s shirt — seen above in a photo that was found on Facebook and reposted, naturally, on — is only the latest salvo against the long-running fansite, which the singer frequently derides as “Morrissey-so-low” in the snide missives he occasionally sends to a different fansite — True To You, which, at this point, carries more actual news from the singer than his own oft-neglected official site.

Why the hate? The Guardian notes that fans on the site have been cool to the three new songs Morrissey recently debuted on the BBC, and that some have complained that he “desperately needs a new backing band.” The newspaper also points out that the Moz. vs. his fans debate already has been the subject of an academic study — “Morrissey-solo or Morrissey ‘So Low’? Exploring the Rhetoric of Hate in Defense of the One They Love” — by a researcher at Okanagan College in Canada.

For more, you can check out another photo of Moz in his profane T-shirt — this time with the rest of his band — over at fansite SomeDizzyWhore, and you can see video of the clothing-coordinated performance of “This Charming Man” below.

See video of Morrissey playing ‘This Charming Man’ after the jump…


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