Free MP3: Stephen Brower & The Silent Majority ‘reframe’ Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Feeling Lucky’

Los Angeles’ Stephen Brower says he’s long been a fan of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Feeling Lucky,” the short closing track to 1994’s Stoned & Dethroned, “but it’s also always felt like an unfinished track, with only 25 words and a long instrumental outro.”

So when Brower and his band The Silent Majority recorded their debut album — sb/sm, due out Sept. 13 — “we tried to reframe ‘Feeling Lucky’ as a sort of prologue to my own ‘Eyes on Me,’ which is a loping and darkly country lament who’s protagonist is a bitter estranged father.”

You an stream and/or download Brower’s new take on the JAMC album-closer in the player below. You can also sample a few more tracks from the upcoming album, which the band says is influenced by sources ranging from The Misfits to country rock and “Sunset Strip sleaze.”

Stephen Brower & The Silent Majority, ‘Feeling Lucky/Eyes On Me’ by sbsm





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