Dress up like Devo for Halloween with official yellow jumpsuits and energy domes

The folks at Warner Bros. sent out a press release yesterday rounding up potential gift-guide items for upcoming back-to-school, Halloween and even Christmas coverage — and topping the list was none other than an “official Devo yellow suit” (pictured above) and the band’s signature “energy dome” hats in both blue and red (see below).

Check out the product descriptions:

The Official DEVO Yellow Suit
Yellow full body jump suit. Featuring DEVO in black print on the lapel. Protect yourself from dangerous human elements and stay cool during meltdowns in this official DEVO Yellow Suit. A classic in formal attire. Same exact quality as worn by DEVO onstage! Includes jacket with DEVO label, pants, and adjustable elastic belt. Available in three sizes: Large (The smallest size offered. Fits most spuds!), X-Large (gives the common spud a little room to wiggle), and Jumbo (Our largest size offered. For spuds who believe bigger is better! Can be worn by average-sized spuds to cover additional protective gear.).

Energy Dome Blue or Red
Dress up like DEVO this Halloween with this special red or blue vacu-form plastic hat designed and worn by DEVO. High-Quality Custom Plastic. Sturdy Construction. This is the exact style of Energy Dome now worn by DEVO in concert and in airports.

Also included in Warner Bros.’s gift-guide offering: a Flaming Lips “silver trembling fetus ornament,” a Black Keys “dress-up kit” with a fake beard and a pair of glasses, a Gucci Mane temporary ice cream tattoo and something called Michael Buble “naughty hotshorts.”

See them all here.





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