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Stream: Destroyer covers New Order for Mojo’s ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ tribute

The full-album tribute is becoming de rigueur for British music magazines, and the latest to receive the treatment is New Order’s 1983 classic Power, Corruption & Lies. The new issue of Mojo features the newly reunited, Peter Hook-less band on the cover, plus a CD featuring a track-by-track cover of the album and its accompanying singles and B-sides.

Below, you can stream the first cut to emerge online, Destroyer — aka Dan Bejar of the New Pornographers — rambling through the album’s closer, “Leave Me Alone.” Other artists featured on the disc include The Golden Filter (“Age of Consent”), Fujiya & Miyagi (“Your Silent Face”) and Biosphere (“Blue Monday”). The full tracklist is reproduced below, as well.

UPDATE 1/3/12: Mojo has posted 30-second samples of each track, which you can hear below.


Destroyer – Leave Me Alone (New Order cover) by cowboy_junkie


Tracklist: Mojo’s Power, Corruption & Lies Covered

1. The Golden Filter, “Age of Consent”
2. Tarwater, “We All Stand”
3. Errors, “The Village”
4. S.C.U.M., “586”
5. Fujiya & Miyagi, “Your Silent Face”
6. Seekae, “Ultraviolence”
7. Walls, “Ecstasy”
8. Destroyer, “Leave Me Alone”
9. Biosphere, “Blue Monday”
10. Zombie Zombie, “The Beach”
11. Lonelady, “Cries & Whispers”
12. Anothers Blood, “Lonesome Tonight”
13. K-X-P, “Murder”


Power, Corruption & Lies Covered + Blue Monday 12″ Revisited – MOJO CD Preview (January 2012) by MOJOmagazine







  1. Batshiz Krazay

    Nice to see this coming out. For the sake of the fans and even though Hooky is an A-hole, they don’t have to talk to him- just play with him once a night. It’s not quite New Order without him.

  2. Weak versions of great songs. Someone better look up the definition of “Tribute”.

  3. Bejar nailed it. No surprise.

  4. I miss Hooky; it’s the alchemy but I do wish he’d STFU

  5. Hooky Must feel f’ckin isolated these days, when the other 3 are continuing. Shame people can’t just get along even if its just for the love of the music.

    I’m kinda enjoying this Mojo release. Errors ‘The Village’ & Fujiya & Miyagi ‘Your Silent Face’ are neat, the musics held up extremely well, forgot how much I loved New Order.

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