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Video: BBC’s ‘Punk Britannia’ Parts 1-3 (1972-1981) — watch complete 3-hour series

Last night, Britain’s BBC Four aired the third and final installment of the new “Punk Britannia” documentary series, billed as a look at the “historic cosmology, meteoric impact and smouldering aftermath of the most genuinely transformative force in British popular music history.” Thanks to YouTuber , you can now watch the full, three-hour series in the playlist embedded above.

If you’ve already seen the first two episodes, which aired over the previous two Fridays, last night’s Part 3 — dubbed “Post-Punk 1978-1981” — is provided in a separate playlist below.


UPDATE 6/28/12: Shortly after first posting this, a segment of Part 3 was blocked in U.S., but it now appears that the whole episode is once again viewable. Check out the full series above, or the just the newly restored third episode below.



VIDEO: BBC’s ‘Punk Britannia, Part 3: Post-Punk (1978-1981)’








  1. Ian C Stewart

    I was able to watch the entire series directly on the BBC website, despite being in the US, thanks to my new best friend, TunnelBear! :)

    • reggae rebel

      it was a gift to have been there, even i was surprised about just how relevant and chilling (old ladies selling tea cups on the street???) it still sounds. It should form part of every child’s music education. I know i will be offering it to all those i know.

  2. No Sid, and no Stranglers. No “Machine Gun Etiquette.” No Clash in NYC (Bond’s, Shea Stadium). Part three makes a left turn into two-tone and Duran Duran. If the show is about Punk, don’t waste time on spinoffs.

  3. Episode 3 part 1 seems to be blocked in the US. Has anyone found a working link?

  4. Thanks so much for having this excellent series available online, as the friendly BBC – even to UK viewers/customers – remove the ability to watch things such as this after just a few days from broadcast. I’ve now been able to finish all three episodes, and the last one was indeed probably the best of all (Joy Division, PiL, Human League, and the clips of Associates et al).

    It was great to have the episodes in one piece, and not cut up into several bits too. Cheers again!

    (PS. What on EARTH has happened to Mark E Smith?!!!).

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