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Video: New Order at Barcelona’s Sónar 2012 — watch full 70-minute webcast

The now Hooky-less incarnation of New Order performed at 12-song set at the Sónar 2012 music festival in Barcelona on Saturday, and if you missed the live webcast, here’s a capture — thanks to YouTuber i7yci7cyi — of the full 70-minute show. As you can see below, the band is sticking to roughly the same setlist since first reuniting last fall.


Setlist: New Order, Sónar 2012, Barcelona, Spain, 6/16/12

1. “Elegia”
2. “Crystal”
3. “Regret”
4. “Isolation”
5. “Ceremony”
6. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
7. “True Faith”
8. “586”
9. “The Perfect Kiss”
10. “Blue Monday”
11. “Temptation”
12. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”







  1. Wow,luv this band since the beginning….Crystal was a really rough sounding…totally off!,but New Order marches on

  2. DON: I believe that is there M.O. Nonetheless, I’d pay good money to see them.

  3. It’s not New Order without Hooky!

  4. all i can say is WOW!!!!!! who needs peter anyway. he can take his whinny crap elsewhere.

  5. Wish they would hit the US west coast.

  6. Eligia!!!!!!! That is all. Oh and Ceremony of course.

  7. This is crap…The bass sounds like terrible & Barney is just going through the motions.

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