Video: Jeanette Landray looks back on The Glove 30 years after ‘Blue Sunshine’

The short-lived side project The Glove is best remembered for bringing together Robert Smith of The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees bassist Steven Severin. But the group, which released a single album, Blue Sunshine, in 1983, also featured vocalist Jeanette Landray — who looks back on the experience after 30 years in this video produced produced by the team raising funds to launch Post-Punk Magazine.

In the short clip, Landray, now an artist who goes by J Sabo, says:

“When I look back at the last 30 years and fabulous experiences I have had, The Glove project is definitely one of my favorites. One thing I remember is Steven and Robert never compromised their art — and that’s been a lesson I bring on board whenever I’m creating my own work. So happy 30th anniversary, boys. Thanks for having me as your guest. It was an absolute pleasure. And thanks Post-Punk Magazine for the celebration.”

Landray doesn’t indicate whether she’d like to work with Smith and Severin again. The former Banshee, however, in a 2010 interview said he was interested in reviving The Glove, and that Smith told him it was “just a matter of time” before that happened.

Post-Punk Magazine is a Berlin-based project hoping to launch an English-language print publication in February/March “covering classic and new post-punk, coldwave, minimal wave, shoegaze, art-punk, indie and more.” The magazine’s publishers are seeking support via Kickstarter, and so far have raised more than $3,000 toward their $85,000 goal.






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  • James

    I had this CD in my car when it was broken in to and stolen. I never missed it. It is a terrible album/project. As far as I know, this era was a big drug usage time in Smith’s life and the low quality shows.

    “Smith told him it was “just a matter of time” before that happened”

    Robert, please don’t make threats like this or for part 2 of 4:13. We fans forgive you for these things but that doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it.

  • Frankie

    I adore Blue Sunshine and would be thrilled if a reunion were to materialize. And for the record, Steven Severin and Roberth Smith are both former Banshees.

  • Had Blue Sunshine on vinyl when it came out back in the day. Memories. I think I’ll break out my CD re-issue later today and chill/psych out a bit…

  • Amelia

    Brilliant album, I love it.

  • Amelia

    Also… the rerelease that came out 4-5 years ago has demos of Smith singing many of the songs that Landray sang (because of his contract, I believe).

  • Melissa

    Any idea why the Kickstarter was canceled??? Just heard of it via this article today, went to donate, and it’s been canceled as of 5 days ago.

  • ChaChaBoom

    what kickstarter? a Glove kickstarter?



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