Slicing Up Eyeballs Best of 1981

Our year-long Best of the ’80s feature continues this month as we turn to 1981, and once again ask Slicing Up Eyeballs’ readers to weigh in on their favorite albums of that year in our ongoing quest to rank the releases of each year of the decade over the course of 2013, concluding, come December, with a poll to determine the best of the ’80s.

It’s a simple process: We’ve assembled a list of 125 albums released in 1981, and you’re welcome to vote for up to 10 of them — or write in any title(s) you wish that we didn’t include.

Based on feedback on the 1980 poll, we’ve tweaked a few things:

  • Switching to Polldaddy for the voting app should make these polls more compatible with smartphone and tablet use, and it also lets us actually cap the number of selections in each vote.
  • Voters can choose up to 10 albums this time, up from 5, based on suggestions from the last poll.
  • For write-ins, you may list multiple albums in the box at the end of the poll, but, please, limit your total votes to 10 (honor system, here).

Voting will be open through 5 p.m. EDT March 22, and results will be posted the first week of April — at which time we’ll launch the 1982 poll and take it from there.

Sound good? Then vote away. And feel free to discuss/explain your picks in the comments below.

And if you missed it, here are the Top 100 albums of 1980 — as voted by Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.




NOTE: If this app isn’t letting you vote, you may also do so directly on the Polldaddy site.