Sad Lovers and Giants

On-again, off-again U.K. post-punk act Sad Lovers & Giants — who’ve earned a strong cult following despite having broken up and re-formed multiple times since debuting in the early ’80s — are in the studio recording what could be their first album in more than a decade, with enough songs currently in the works to comprise “70 percent of an album.”

The band announced the news last week on Facebook (see below), asking fans whether they should be satisfied with the music currently in production or “push on and write and record another four tracks to complete the job.” After fans suggested both releasing a long EP and writing more songs to complete an album, the band replied, “We should focus on the process and see where it leads us.”

If the band opts for a full-length album, it will be SLAG’s first since 2002’s Melting in the Fullness of Time.


Sad Lovers & Giants
May 14 via mobile

We are all enjoying the recording process which bodes well for future releases. Using Dropbox we can do mixes and takes and leave them for each other to play with at home. Tony is producing and what we’re hearing so far, even with guide vocals only, is really promising. The big question, when we’ve finished this batch, will be what to do with them. We will have 70% of an album, do we push on and write and record another four tracks to complete the job?




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