Slicing Up Eyeballs iPhone app

We interrupt our regular programming for a bit of necessary housekeeping: Version 1.1 of the official Slicing Up Eyeballs iPhone/iPad app is now available in Apple’s iTunes Store if you’d like to upgrade your existing version or purchase it — 99 cents for the ad-free app — for the very first time and help support what we do here every day.

The new version of the Eyeballs app features:

  • New search capabilities. (To enable search, simply pull down on the screen while viewing a list of headlines, and the search bar will drop down at the top of the screen.)
  • New menu with the ability to sort articles by category, including, initially, New Releases, Tour Dates, Album News, Vintage Video and 120 Minutes Rewind, with more to come.
  • Improved performance.

As we’ve said before, the app is a work-in-progress, and we’re very much interested in what additional features you’d like to see incorporated as it continues to be built out. Feel free offer suggestions and feedback in the comments section below — and yes, we know some of you would like to see an Android version, too, and we hope to be able to do that as well.

You can get the app at the link below or directly from your device by searching ‘Slicing Up Eyeballs’ in the App Store app. And if you’ve already got it, upgrade to Version 1.1 through the App Store app.

ITUNES: Slicing Up Eyeballs iPhone/iPad App