Talking Heads

For this week’s this installment of Vintage Video, we travel all the way back to 1978, when things apparently still were filmed in black and white, and the Talking Heads were still a herky-jerky four-piece yet to discover world music and on-stage guest musicians.

Don’t know much about this footage, other than the fact it’s a More Songs About Buildings and Food-era show filmed in Syracuse, N.Y., in 1978. Watch below via assneck2007.



Setlist: Talking Heads, Syracuse, N.Y., 1978

1. “The Big Country”
2. “Warning Sign”
3. “The Book I Read”
4. “Stay Hungry”
5. “Artists Only”
6. “The Girls Want To Be With The Girls”
7. “The Good Thing”
8. “Love Goes To Buildings On Fire”
9. “Electricity”
10. “Found A Job”
11. “Take Me To The River”
12. “I´m Not In Love”
13. “No Compassion”




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