The Replacements

Photo via Riot Fest

The Replacements staged their third of three announced reunion shows last night in a dusty farm field about 45 minutes east of Denver, the site of the third installment of this summer’s Riot Fest and what may or may not have been the final appearance by the 2013 incarnation of the ‘Mats, performing this summer for the first time in 22 years.

The Replacements’ main set was fairly similar to the Riot Fest appearances in Toronto and Chicago over the past few weeks (although “Shiftless When Idle” made a welcome appearance), aside from the fact that the band took the stage dressed in identical western shirts and Denver Bronco-orange cowboy hats — with Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson donning pink skirts as well, in a classy tribute to late guitarist and occasional skirt-wearer Bob Stinson.

The encore, though, was a different story, with the band ditching recent show-closer “I.O.U.” as Westerberg manned the drums, Stinson played guitar and replacement drummer Josh Freese handled bass duties.

The ‘Mats rambled their way though “Hootenanny,” then picked up the pace with a cover of Kiss’s “Detroit Rock City” and just a bit of The Who’s “Substitute” — with Tommy singing and Paul twirling his microphone Roger Daltrey-style —before the whole thing just sort of collapsed into laughter.

The ‘Mats dashed off stage and their techs started preparing the band’s gear for a return, but they were waved off and the lights finally came on, signalling the end of the show.

But is it the end of The Replacements’ reunion? There was no mention on stage about Denver being the end of the road, nor about any future plans. If that was the end, however, the whole thing certainly wrapped up in a perfectly anticlimactic and fittingly messy way.

Below, check out full setlist and video (via rhkbco) of the full encore.



Setlist: The Replacements, Riot Fest, May Farms, Byers, CO

1. “Takin’ a Ride”
2. “I’m in Trouble”
3. “Favorite Thing”
4. “Shiftless When Idle”
5. “Hangin’ Downtown”
6. “Jingle Jangle Jingle” (Kay Kyser cover)
7. “Color Me Impressed”
8. “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out”
9. “Kiss Me on the Bus”
10. “Achin’ to Be”
11. “Androgynous”
12. “I Will Dare”
13. “Love You Till Friday”
14. “Maybellene” (Chuck Berry cover)
15. “Merry Go Round”
16. “Wake Up”
17. “Borstal Breakout” (Sham 69 cover)
18. “Little Mascara”
19. “Left of the Dial”
20. “Alex Chilton”
21. “I Don’t Know”
22. “Hold My Life”
23. “Hello Goodbye” (The Beatles cover)
24. “Can’t Hardly Wait”
25. “Bastards of Young”

26. “Hootenanny”
27. “Detroit Rock City” (Kiss cover)
28. “Substitute” (The Who cover / Aborted)






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