Best EPs of the 1980s

Now that the dust has settled from the controversial Best Albums of the ’80s poll, it’s time, as long promised, to get back to the voting. And next up will be a poll to determine the best EPs and mini-albums of the ’80s — basically, that somewhat ambiguous class of release that’s too long to be a single yet not quite long enough to be a full LP.

We’re going to do it a bit differently this time, though.

Coming up with the year-by-year best-album ballots, while time-consuming, was not terribly difficult, since there are many places across the vast reaches of the Internet that list the records that came out in a given year. Yet it’s much harder to find such lists of EPs or their even more nebulous cousin, the mini-album.

So with that in mind, we’re turning to you, the readers of Slicing Up Eyeballs, to make sure we catch every crucial release for the ballot in this next poll, which likely will launch next week.

In the comments below, or on our Facebook page, please let us know which EPs or mini-albums — released between 1980 and 1989 — you believe should be included. You can also email your list to

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

And, after we vote on EPs, we’ll move on to best compilations of the ’80s and then, if all goes well, year-by-year polls to determine the best individual songs of the ’80s.