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R.E.M., “Turn You Inside Out”
Shudder to Think, “Shake Dog Shake” (The Cure)
The Replacements, “Unsatisfied”
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “The Singer” (Johnny Cash)
MC 900 Ft. Jesus, “The City Sleeps”
The Japanese Popstars f/ Robert Smith, “Take Forever” (RS@Home Mix)
Depeche Mode, “Love In Itself”
Propaganda, “Dr. Mabuse”
Jim Reid, “Black And Blues”
Ian McCulloch, “The Killing Moon” (Live at Daytrotter)
The Charlatans, “Over Rising”
Peter Gabriel, “Here Comes the Flood”
New Order, “Age of Consent”
The Creatures, “Around the World”
Constantines, “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel” (Talking Heads)
Oingo Boingo, “Stay”