The Dead Milkmen

After releasing a steady stream of 7-inch singles over the past couple years, The Dead Milkmen return next month with their first new album in three years, a 17-track collection called Pretty Music For Pretty People that, perhaps not surprisingly, contains many of the songs included on those limited-edition 45s.

The new album, which follows up 2011’s The King in Yellow, which was the Milkmen’s first new album in 15 years, arrives Oct. 7. The band — original members Joe Jack Talcum, Dean Clean and Rodney Anonymous, plus bassist Dan Stevens, who replaces the late Dave Blood — reunited in 2008, and has been playing sporadically ever since.

Below, check out the video for the title tracks, as well as the full tracklist (including such typically delightful titles as “The Sun Turns Our Patio Into A Lifeless Hell”) and cover art.


The Dead Milkmen, “Pretty Music For Pretty People”


The Dead Milkmen

Tracklist: The Dead Milkmen, Pretty Music For Pretty People

1. “Pretty Music For Pretty People”
2. “Big Words Make The Baby Jesus Cry”
3. “Welcome To Undertown”
4. “Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog”
5. “Make It Witchy”
6. “Mary Ann Cotton (The Poisoner’s Song)”
7. “I’ve Got To Get My Numbers Up”
8. “Anthropology Days”
9. “Somewhere Over Antarctica”
10. “Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch”
11. “Streetlamps – Walking To Work”
12. “The Sun Turns Our Patio Into A Lifeless Hell”
13. “The Great Boston Molasses Flood”
14. “All You Need Is Nothing”
15. “Ronald Reagan Killed The Black Dahlia”
16. “Hipster Beard”
17. “Sanitary Times”






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