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XTC documentary ‘This Is Pop’ to air on UK’s Sky Arts in October — watch 6-minute trailer

The highly anticipated XTC  documentary “This Is Pop” — the subject of a petition earlier this year to convince the BBC to air it after the network allegedly passed on the program — will, in fact, be seen on TV in the UK this fall: Sky Arts is set to broadcast the film in October.

More specifically, according to XTC mainman Andy Partridge, “This Is Pop” will air on Sky Arts at 9 p.m. GMT on Oct. 7. “Date for your diary,” he tweeted Thursday, announcing the documentary’s UK airing.



Word of the XTC documentary, and its quickly deleted trailer, appeared online in March. The film features new interviews with Partridge and bandmates Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers and Dave Gregory, along with fans such as Stewart Copeland of The Police and actor Harry Shearer.

A week later, an XTC fan in the U.K. launched a petition to convince the BBC to air “This Is Pop” following reports the British television broadcaster had passed on showing Special Treats Productions’ film. The petition collected more than 2,800 digital signatures.

Now that’s moot, though, as the documentary is slated to air on a different U.K. network. Partridge, on Twitter, said he’d alert fans to any future showing in other countries, and added, “There may well be a DVD later, yes, if they can get clearances from everyone that owns a slice of us.”

And you can now, once again, view the full 6-minute trailer, which is posted below.






  1. Can not wait. Just listening to Drums and Wires the other night. Always knew I had good taste.

  2. The XTC reissues that have been released are perfect so far. All content and no filler! Looking forward to this!

  3. Bruce Granofsky

    WOW! It’s about time, as I’ve exhausted all my XTC searches on Youtube.
    One of the most overlooked and underrated bands EVRrrrr….

  4. Dale Fairbrass

    Can’t wait… so looking forward to it…. I love XTC….

  5. Having the misfortune to live in Swindon it has always amazed me that XTCs music doesnt sound like Joy Division. One of the least inspiring scabs on the planet.


  7. Giuseppe ferrazza

    A TOTALLY brilliant band!

  8. Late arrival at the party but bought everything this last couple of weeks. Apple Venus vol 1 picks up the ball the Beatles dropped after Magical Mystery Tour. Phenomenal stuff.

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