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Listen: The Chills, ‘Scarred’ — new track off upcoming album ‘Snow Bound’

Photo by Gabrielle Devereux

It’s now less than a month before New Zealand indie-pop legends The Chills release their new album Snow Bound, and Martin Phillipps and Co. have premiered the third track off the record: the chunky rocker “Scarred,” which you can stream in full below.

This follows the release of two songs off the record last month: “Complex” and “Lord of All I Survey.”

The album, the band’s first in three years and sixth overall, is due out Sept. 14 via Fire Records, and can be pre-ordered now through the label on CD and standard or colored vinyl pressings.

In press materials announcing the new track, Phillipps says:

“‘Scarred’ is about realizing that you have become too accommodating to all the people who just wish to souvenir a little part of yourself and it also has a contemporary twist by mentioning border-walls which represent the walls we build around ourselves and our decisions on who we let through them into our personal space and lives. It’s also a comment about the demands of online networking versus the maintenance of privacy.”

Stream the new song below.






  1. HumanCobras


  2. Great sounds! It’s like a time machine back to a better musical decade than this sorry-ass one we’re stuck in.

  3. The Chills have sort of weaved in and out of my life over the past 30 years. Based on this song I say they are weaving back in!

  4. TLooking forward to hearing this because the last album was fantastic… maybe they can tour all of the US this time.

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