How to get free Slicing Up Eyeballs stickers

Show your love for all things ’80s college rock by plastering Slicing Up Eyeballs stickers all over your bumpers, laptops, record shelving or whatnot. It’s, well, maybe not the latest rage, but a rage nonetheless.

Want some? There are two ways to score these stickers:


The Free Option

If you’re in the U.S., just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope — and to be clear, that means a standard-sized mailing envelope addressed to yourself with a first-class U.S. stamp affixed to it, then stuck inside another envelope that’s also got postage on it — to the following address and you’ll receive one (1) free Slicing Up Eyeballs sticker:

Slicing Up Eyeballs
Attn: Bumper Sticker Department
P.O. Box 12097
Denver, CO 80212-0097


The Spend a Few Bucks Option

If you don’t want to bother with stamps and envelopes and the whole mailing-a-letter thing, you may instead choose to a spend a few dollars at our Slicing Up Eyeballs Merch Table. For $3 — with free shipping in the U.S. and Canada — you’ll receive two (2) Slicing Up Eyeballs stickers. While you’re over there, check out our cassette-themed buttons, too.



  1. christopher

    I live in Denver, CO and was wondering if there was anywhere I could just pick them up from?

  2. Jet Burton

    Awesomeness great video!

  3. Hunter White

    Great site – a friend forwards items every week or so. I’d like to surprise him bith a bumper sticker, but I have a question: I’m a stamp collector, and I’d really appreciate if you would cut the postage off the envelope I send you and include them in the return envelope. Unless, of course, someone there is a collector as well – in the latter case, any requests?
    Thanks again for keeping the 80s (Cue Simple Minds) Alive and Kicking!

  4. Can you send them for free?

  5. Drew Hollingsworth

    Hi Matt,

    Hey huge fan and catch every Sunday night dark wave you host. How do I get a bumper sticker?..


    (Scouser Drew from Twitter)

  6. Just wanted to say that listening to the Darkwave podcast takes me back to a time when my Caselogic tape case looked almost identical to your bumper sticker. Awesome job man!

  7. Mario Acosta

    I would love to hear some front line assembly everything must perish one of their best I think. Thank you for keeping this going miss the old time underground club days.

  8. Hey I just ordered the sticker/button combo and it charged $2 for shipping. Reading this it kind of implied shipping would be free. Is the charge because I also ordered the buttons?

    • You can get 1 free sticker by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the P.O. box listed above. If you go through the store, yes, you will be charged for the product and shipping.

      • Makes sense. The wording above though, ‘you may instead simply a send a few dollars via our new Slicing Up Eyeballs Merch Table — it’s $2 for people living in the U.S. and Canada…’ implied that it was $2 for the whole transaction, not $2 for stickers and $2 for shipping.

  9. Would totally buy that as a tshirt! Any chance?

  10. WTF, every time I look up something musical I love, UP COMES SLICING UP EYEBALLS! Usually I just look at the fine articles generally noting someone from the band I was searching has died but sometimes – a reissue or fun nostalgia show!!!! JOY! Finally signed up for the mailing list and wondering what took me so long after looking for the 40 Watt Club logo online and you were in the top image search results for a sound system theft story; I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome that is when in my own local media here in Atlanta I hadn’t even heard about that when it happened. Must confess as a former college DJ – WEGL Auburn – I had almost all the tapes or cds on your bumper sticker but had to look up The Glove (?) now I am on a mission to find that. I would wedge in Hüsker Dü, The Church (too pop?), The Jam (too “late 70’s?”) and REM (just ’cause, though after continuous overexposure they became something different) but otherwise, a damn fine collection shown there. Talking Heads Remain in Light however. :) LOVE what you’re doing here though….

  11. $20 USD for shipping. Youch.

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