Album News — February 28, 2009 at 6:28 pm

The House of Love releasing ‘Live at the BBC’

The House of Love, 'Live at the BBC'

Seminal Creation Records act The House of Love issues a new archival release next week: Live at the BBC, due out Monday in the U.K.

The 19-track disc features previously unreleased live cuts culled from four different BBC concert performances recorded in the early ’90s, following founding guitarist Terry Bickers’ departure.

The band’s principals — Guy Chadwick and Bickers — reunited in 2005, releasing a new House of Love album (Days Run Away) that year.

While the group has continued to perform live, as recently as early last year, no new live dates appear to be on the horizon.

Tracklist for the House of Love’s Live at the BBC:

1. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (Preston, 03/19/90)
2. “Road” (Preston, 03/19/90)
3. “Beatles and the Stones” (Preston, 03/19/90)
4. “Se Dest” (Preston, 03/19/90)
5. “Never” (Preston, 03/19/90)
6. “Shine On” (Preston, 03/19/90)
7. “Christine” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
8. “32nd Floor” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
9. “Hope” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
10. “The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
11. “You Crush Me” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
12. “Hannah” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
13. “Cruel” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
14. “Burn Down the World” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
15. “Nothing to Me” (Marquee, 04/22/91)
16. “Feel” (Norwich, 04/21/92)
17. “Yer Eyes” (Norwich, 04/21/92)
18. “You Don’t Understand” (Middlesborough, 07/02/92)
19. “High in Your Face” (Norwich, 04/21/92)

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