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Quick Spins: Big Audio Dynamite, Dinosaur Jr, Joy Division, Dukes of Stratosphear

Big Audio Dynamite, 'This is Big Audio Dynamite'

Epic/Legacy will release an expanded reissue of the 1985 debut from Mick Jones’ terrific post-Clash project, Big Audio Dynamite, on Sept. 8, according to Pause and Play. The 2CD This is Big Audio Dynamite: Legacy Edition will feature a second disc full of b-sides and rarities.


The next batch of books in the ever-popular 33 1/3 series will include Nick Attfield’s dissection of Dinosaur Jr’s classic 1987 SST Records debut You’re Living All Over Me. Other titles announced this week include Slint’s Spiderland, Television’s Marquee Moon and Radiohead’s Kid A.


John Doe tells Billboard that he and Exene Cervenka have been writing songs together and it could lead to X’s first album of new material since 1993’s Hey Zeus! “There are two or three songs we’re going to do sooner or later,” he said. “We might get another X record at some point.”


A copy of Joy Division’s 1978 “An Ideal for Living” debut 7-inch on the band’s own Enigma Records sold for a whopping $3,938.88 on eBay earlier this month, according to Counter-Clock Records’ Blog.


Spin is hosting a preview of Norwegian duo Datarock’s Talking Heads tribute song, “True Stories.” The tune, which sounds like a Remain in Light-era Heads track,  features singer Fredrik Saroea using the band’s song titles (“Hosues in Motion,” “Don’t Worry About the Government”) as lyrics. Listen here.


XTC’s Andy Partridge has posted a pair of podcasts in which he chats with producer John Leckie about the recording of the just-reissued Dukes of Stratosphear’s 25 O’Clock and Psonic Psunspot. Find the podcasts here and here.


Rhino Records will release Martin L. Gore’s 1989 debut solo EP Counterfeit onto iTunes and other digital services May 19. The covers collection from Depeche Mode’s chief songwriter featured the semi-hit “Compulsion.”

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