Album News — July 11, 2009 at 4:23 pm

Dinosaur Jr recalls ‘Farm’ CD in Europe for being too loud. Seriously

Dinosaur Jr, 'Farm'

Dinosaur Jr this week recalled the European edition of its new Farm CD for sounding — no joke — too loud.

The band, which apparently wants to save its deafening volume for the concert stage, reports on its Web site that an “audio problem” occurred while duplicating the original master in the studio: “The duplication ‘doubled’ the sound layers,” resulting in a three-decibel increase in volume.

As the UK’s Guardian newspaper notes, “Though three decibels will make a noticeable difference, it is far from the realm of road drills or jet engines. Instead, the difference between good and ‘faulty’ copies of Farm will likely be a matter of ‘loud’ versus ‘a little too loud.'”

Fans who bought European editions of the album bearing the bar code 5414939004926 may exchange the CD for a quieter version; here are details on how to identify defective copies and how to exchange them. And, because J Mascis and Co. feel so bad about the whole thing, those exchanging their discs also will receive a free ringtone of “Over It.”


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