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Update: Dave Kendall of ‘120 Minutes’ wants to hear that ‘Really Stupid’ song, too

Dave Kendall of "120 Minutes"

Two nights ago, Slicing Up Eyeballs embarked on a (so far) futile quest to find a copy of “Really Stupid,” a long-forgotten early-’90s parody song that poked fun at famed “120 Minutes” creator/host Dave Kendall.

As described in that initial post, the track — created by a San Diego college student calling himself The Whitman Samplers — featured samples of the MTV host saying “I’m Dave Kendall… and I am really stupid” over a sampled riff from AC/DC’s “Back in Black.”

Unable to turn up more than a few references to the song online — and no trace of the tune itself — it was time to reach out to Kendall himself with an e-mail via his Web site.

A gracious and good sport about the whole thing, Kendall responded late last night, revealing that he, unfortunately, no longer has a copy of the track:

The guy that produced the song gave me a copy on vinyl and someone stole it from my apartment in NY! Either that or it just disappeared without trace. And I lost his contact info.  I would love to have a copy of it, too.

Kendall, who currently hosts “Party 360″ on Friday nights on Sirius XM’s classic-alternative station, 1st Wave, also addressed something mentioned in passing in that first post about the “Really Stupid” song: rumors that ex-Sex Pistol John Lydon once tried to pull off Kendall’s infamous hairpiece during a “120 Minutes” segment.

BTW Rotten didn’t actually try to rip the rug off, he just pointed at it at the end of a segment we were taping and said: Is that a wig? Just as mortifying to an insecure, vain little prick like me. Of course we edited it out.

So there you have it. Kendall sets things straight on the whole hairpiece affair. But as for the Whitman Samplers’ “Really Stupid,” the search continues…

UPDATE 8/23/09: The song has been found. Listen to the Whitman Samplers’ “Really Stupid.”

Video: “120 Minutes” highlights, with Dave Kendall and John Lydon


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