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The Cult’s ‘Love’ to be reissued in deluxe 4-disc ‘Omnibus’ box set in September

The Cult

The Cult is reissuing its 1985 breakthrough album Love in two expanded editions this summer to coincide with its worldwide Love Live Tour, which kicks off in San Diego in August.

On Sept. 7 in Europe and Sept. 8 in the U.S. and Canada, Beggars Banquet will issue Love: Omnibus Edition, a limited-edition four-disc box set with CDs “housed in Japanese-style paper sleeves, reproducing the original vinyl cover art,” plus a 48-page book with previously unseen photos and commentary from band founders Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy.

The set’s first disc will feature Love itself, remastered from the original analog tapes. The second disc includes the B-sides and remixes from the record’s three singles (“She Sells Sanctuary,” “Rain” and “Revolution”). Disc 3 includes 10 demos the band recorded in early 1985 to play for prospective producers, plus a rough monitor mix of “She Sells Sanctuary.” Finally, the fourth disc is a 13-track live album recorded in 1985 at London’s Hammersmith Odeon on the Love tour. (See full tracklist below.)

The box set will be preceded in the U.S. and Canada by the release of Love: Expanded Edition, which includes just the first two discs of the box set. The two-disc version won’t be released in Europe until Sept. 21.

Astbury and Duffy will play Love on its entirely on the Love Live Tour, which launches Aug. 19 in San Diego and runs through Oct. 14 in Austria. (See full tour dates here.)

The Cult, 'Love: Omnibus Edition'

Tracklist: The Cult, Love: Omnibus Edition

Disc 1: Love
1. “Nirvana”
2. “Big Neon Glitter”
3. “Love”
4. “Brother Wolf, Sister Moon”
5. “Rain”
6. “Phoenix”
7. “Hollow Man”
8. “Revolution”
9. “She Sells Sanctuary”
10. “Black Angel”

Disc 2: The Singles
1. “She Sells Sanctuary” (Long Version)
2. “No.13”
3. “The Snake”
4. “(Here Comes The) Rain”
5. “Little Face”
6. “Revolution” (Full Length Remix)
7. “Judith”
8. “Sunrise”
9. “All Souls Avenue”
10. “She Sells Sanctuary” (Howling Mix)
11. “Assault On Sanctuary”

Disc 3: Demos
1. “Brother Wolf, Sister Moon”
2. “Hollow Man”
3. “She Sells Sanctuary”
4. “All Souls Avenue”
5. “Little Face”
6. “No. 13”
7. “Big Neon Glitter”
8. “Waltz” (Instrumental)
9. “Nirvana” (Instrumental)
10. “Revolution” (Instrumental)
11. “She Sells Sanctuary” (Olympic Mix)

Disc 4: 1985 Live
1. “Love”
2. “Nirvana”
3. “Christians”
4. “Hollow Man”
5. “Big Neon Glitter”
6. “Brother Wolf, Sister Moon”
7. “Rain”
8. “Dreamtime”
9. “She Sells Sanctuary”
10. “Go West”
11. “Spiritwalker”
12. “Horse Nation”
13. “Phoenix”


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