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The Stone Roses’ 20th anniversary round-up: Video, audio, links, interviews, podcasts

The Stone Roses


The Stone Roses last week marked the 20th anniversary of the band’s classic debut — arguably one of the best British albums of all time — by reissuing 1989’s The Stone Roses in multiple formats. To mark the occasion, we’ve rounded up some of the extensive press coverage of this undoubtedly historic event, including reviews and interviews with band members, plus some of the audio and video extras included with the set (all after the jump).

Despite some buzz earlier this year that the Roses would mark this anniversary by reforming, it has become increasingly clear that won’t happen; last week, frontman Ian Brown acknowledged he recently received a track from estranged guitarist John Squire — who left the band in 1996 — but his sons told him, “Dad, you can’t work on that — he sold out, didn’t he? He left you for dead.” Brown added: “(Squire’s) manager asked me if I liked the tune; I said, ‘I do, but my songs won’t let me work on it.”

Bassist Gary “Mani” Mounfield, however, continues to push for reconciliation, telling BBC News last week that he believes it’s time for Squire and Brown to bury the hatchet:

“We’ve released a 20th anniversary edition of our debut which we won’t celebrate because unfortunately Ian and John still aren’t talking. It’s getting very boring that one now isn’t it? I don’t know why they don’t kiss and make up.”

What follows is a round-up of last week’s press coverage of the reissues, including reviews and interviews, plus audio from the BBC and the band’s own five-part podcast series, as well as a sneak peak at some of the extras included in the 20th anniversary reissue of The Stone Roses.

Links, audio and video after the jump…

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Audio: The Stone Roses, “Pearl Bastard” (previously unreleased demo)

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Video: The Making of the Remaster with Ian Brown and John Leckie

Video: The Stone Roses 20th Anniversary Legacy Edition TV ad


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