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Hüsker Dü’s Grant Hart issuing ‘Hot Wax’ — first album in a decade — in October

Grant Hart of Husker Du

Photo by Neza S.G.


Former Hüsker Dü drummer Grant Hart once again steps out from behind the kit on next month’s Hot Wax, his first solo album in a decade, and his third overall.

The nine-track, 30-minute disc — due Oct. 6 on Con D’or Records — was recorded in Montreal and Minneapolis, and features guest spots by members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Zion and Rank Strangers.

The record is Hart’s first since 1999’s Good News for Modern Man. After the break-up of Hüsker Dü, Hart — the seminal indie-rock act’s co-songwriter, along with Bob Mould — issued a pair of solo EPs, then formed the band Nova Mob, with which he recorded in the early ’90s before going solo again.

In a news release, Hart discusses some of the songs on his new album:

“The song ‘Narcissus, Narcissus’ is my first attempt at combining ancient Greek mythology and American rockabilly. By merging those influences with an ice cream truck atmosphere I think I have found a style that defines this period of my career. ‘You’re the Reflection of the Moon on the Water’ is one of the most organic rock and roll songs that I have ever written. Its style owes a lot to my devotion for Patti Smith. It was inspired by a comment made by a monk during the selection process to find the next Panchen Lhama, who said of one candidate, ‘He is the reflection of the moon on the water but he is not the moon.'”

The track “Schoolbuses are for Children” is one of the cuts to feature the members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor; it was posted to Hart’s MySpace page last year.


Grant Hart, 'Hot Wax'

Tracklist: Grant Hart, Hot Wax

1. “You’re the Reflection of the Moon on the Water”
2. “Barbara”
3. “Charles Hollis Jones”
4. “Schoolbuses Are For Children”
5. “Narcissus Narcissus”
6. “California Zephyr”
7. “Sailor Jack”
8. “I Knew All About You Since Then”
9. “My Regrets”






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  3. Above photo of Grant Hart is by Neza S.G., Twin Cities, MN

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