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Morrissey ‘irked’ at Andy Rourke’s claim he was fired from The Smiths via postcard

The Smiths: Andy Rourke, Morrissey, Mike Joyce, Johnny Marr

Although most of Morrissey’s Smiths-related rancor is reserved for litigious drummer Mike Joyce, the singer today lashed out at bassist Andy Rourke for claiming once again that he was fired from the legendary band via a postcard.

Rourke, who was briefly dismissed from the Smiths over alleged heroin addiction in 1986 following the recording of The Queen is Dead, was asked about the incident in a Q&A published Friday by Canadian publication

Q: Is it true that Morrissey left a postcard notifying you of your dismissal from The Smiths on your dashboard?

A: That’s true, yeah. I thought it was a parking ticket, but it was a lot worse than that.

Moz reacted to the interview by issuing a statement to fan site True To You — seemingly his venue of choice for official pronouncements, even more so than his official site — rebutting at length Joyce’s 18-word answer in an interview that, for the most part, is quite positive about the bassist’s time in the band.

I am forced to defend myself — again — from a comment made by Andy Rourke last week on the eyeweekly website. It is a recurring comment whereby Andy confirms that his dismissal from the Smiths was made via a handwritten postcard from me telling Andy “you have left the Smiths.”

I would like to state to anyone interested in the truth of this matter that no such postcard was ever written by me, and no dismissal postcard was ever placed on Andy’s car with my knowledge or consent, and I am naturally irked that such an alleged deed has gone down in the fairy tale footnotes of Smiths lore. If such a postcard ever existed, it is likely that an unfunny stunt was played on Andy by someone attempting Morrissey-scrawl — easily done. Secondly, Andy’s “dismissal” from the Smiths would not be a decision solely made by me, and would not be announced by me on a note bearing only my name, and it would also not be executed by a handwritten note carelessly thrown onto the hood of a car (or window-wipers, as has often been reported.)

Doesn’t anyone have the wit to work this one out?

13 september 2009

Read the entire Rourke interview here.


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