Video — September 25, 2009 at 10:33 am

Video: Depeche Mode’s new face-licking, make-out clip for ‘Hole to Feed’

Depeche Mode premiered the video for “Hole to Feed” — the third single off of Sounds Of The Universe — on its MySpace page this morning, and it’s an odd one. The band doesn’t actually appear in the clip (there’s a mostly female group on stage playing the song), and there’s a whole bunch of gratuitous face licking and tongue sucking going on, not to mention some kinky hot-dog stand action. Check it out above.



  1. Hi, Cheyenne Haynes is my daughter and she’s starring in this video. She’s the lead singer with the blue hair. It was a fun and great shoot. Love the song!!! She has a fansite on Facebook so come join if you want! You can also ask her questions or leave comments about the video shoot on her youtube at:

    Helene (& Cheyenne)

  2. Crazy video. I love Depeche Mode!

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