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The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ gets 3CD deluxe reissue in 2010, plus ‘In Orange’ on DVD

The Cure's Robert Smith

The Cure will reissue its 1989 masterwork Disintegration in an expanded and remastered 3CD edition next spring, Robert Smith announced today, the first salvo in what appears to be a flood of new archival releases from the legendary band — including the first-ever DVD release of 1987’s long-out-of-print “In Orange” concert film.

Squelching concerns — noted on this site, and others — that the Cure’s reissue program was in trouble, Smith announced on the band’s Web site that the new edition of Disintegration will be released in a triple-disc expanded edition, as well as single-CD and double-vinyl formats, “worldwide in spring 2010 on Universal and Rhino.”

UPDATE: The Cure’s expanded ‘Disintegration’ reissue will be released May 24 in Europe and June 8 in the U.S. Pre-order it here.

Like the previous Cure reissues, the album will feature a second disc with Smith’s home and studio demos for the album; the Disintegration rarities disc features 20 songs recorded in 1988 and 1989, including album cuts and b-sides, plus previously unreleased tracks “Noheart,” “Esten” and “Delirious Night” (Smith’s post lists his solo cover of Wendy Waldman’s “Pirate Ships” — originally recorded for Elektra Records’ Rubáiyát compilation — as previously unreleased, but he did offer it up as a download on the band’s Web site a few years ago). (See full tracklist below.)

The third disc, labled Entreat Plus, features an expanded, 12-track edition of that 1990 live album, fleshed out to include live versions of each song off Disintegration, assembled in order, from a concert at London’s Wembley Arena in 1989.

Smith explains that the single CD and double vinyl only will feature the remastered 12-track album (it’s worth noting that Disintegration originally was released on vinyl as a single record without so-called “bonus tracks” “Last Dance” and “Homesick”). The Cure frontman also writes that “it is likely a remastered version of the original eight-track Entreat live album will be made available online.”

But most tantalizing to fans is Smith’s sign-off: “There will be a lot more remastered Cure stuff in 2010… including Mixed Up 2…” (apparently a sequel to the 1990 remix album) as well as “The Cure @ The BBC box set… ‘In Orange’ and (1993 concert film) ‘Show’ on DVD… and…”

See full ‘Disintegration: Deluxe Edition’ tracklist after the jump…

The Cure, 'Disintegration'

Tracklist: The Cure, Disintegartion: Deluxe Edition

Disc 1: Disintegration

1. “Plainsong”
2. “Pictures Of You”
3. “Closedown”
4. “Lovesong”
5. “Last Dance”
6. “Lullaby”
7. “Fascination Street”
8. “Prayers For Rain”
9. “The Same Deep Water As You”
10. “Disintegration”
11. “Homesick”
12. “Untitled”

Disc 2: Rarities (1988-1989)

1. “Prayers For Rain” rs Home Demo (instrumental) 04/88
2. “Pictures Of You” rs Home Demo (instrumental) 04/88
3. “Fascination Street” rs Home Demo (instrumental) 04/88
4. “Homesick” band Rehearsal (instrumental) 06/88
5. “Fear Of Ghosts” band Rehearsal (instrumental) 06/88
6. “Noheart” band Rehearsal (instrumental) 06/88*
7. “Esten” band Demo (instrumental) 09/88*
8. “Closedown” band Demo (instrumental) 09/88
9. “Lovesong” band Demo (instrumental) 09/88
10. “2late (alt Version)” band Demo (instrumental) 09/88
11. “The Same Deep Water As You” band Demo (instrumental) 09/88
12. “Disintegration” band Demo (instrumental) 09/88
13. “Untitled (alt Version)” studio Rough (instrumental) 11/88
14. “Babble (alt Version)” studio Rough (instrumental) 11/88
15. “Plainsong” studio Rough (guide Vocal) 11/88
16. “Last Dance” studio Rough (guide Vocal) 11/88
17. “Lullaby” studio Rough (guide Vocal) 11/88
18. “Out Of Mind” studio Rough (guide Vocal) 11/88
19. “Delirious Night” rough Mix (vocal) 12/88*
20. “Pirate Ships” (rs Solo) Rough Mix (vocal) 12/89*

All previously unreleased versions
(*Previously unreleased song)

Disc 3: Entreat Plus

1. “Plainsong”*
2. “Pictures Of You”
3. “Closedown”
4. “Lovesong”*
5. “Last Dance”
6. “Lullaby”*
7. “Fascination Street”
8. “Prayers For Rain”
9. “The Same Deep Water As You”*
10. “Disintegration”
11. “Homesick”
12. “Untitled”

Recorded live at Wembley Arena 1989; remixed by Rs 2009
(*Previously unreleased performance)



  1. How many times do I have to buy the same old stuff? I don’t like to be evil. However, it seems that the only thing the Cure is good at is money-grubbing. What happened to the band I loved and cherished and adored at one time? Robert, where are you? This is not you. The picture of you isn’t even the picture of you now. So what! You’re fat. Who cares. Can you please stop this incessant re-re-re-releasing packaging chaos, dig deep into your soul, without your band, and write some pathos? Don’t you have it in your dark soul to write some really good solo material? Please, Robert.

    Fan of many years (since 1980)

  2. Here’s hoping the remastering fixes Disintegration’s rather murky sound – this is an album I’ve been hoping would get remastered since it came out!

  3. Whoa! The Disintegration reissue sounds pretty cool. I am not gonna go crazy about the bonus material until I hear it, though. Robert seems to write his lyrics late in the game so most of the demos/outtakes and rehearsals are instrumentals. Bummer.

    But the BBC boxed set… That sounds unbelievably great. An official release of Desperate Journalist etc etc etc!!! In Orange will be pretty cool too.

    I know that reissue campaigns like this are exploitive recyclefests for money. In this case, I don’t care. The music is great. They’ve done a good job on the earlier reissues. I’m a sucker. I’m sold. Queue up The Smiths’ “Paint a Vulgar Picture”. I drank the Kool-Aide!



  4. ustexasjoe: Just my opinion, but I think it’s a little absurd to assume that this is money-grubbing. Do you think Robert really needs money at this point? I’m guessing he does what he wants, and money isn’t an issue… I’m pretty sure he’s set for life. Why assign a motive of greed, instead of considering that might be doing this for the fans that have been begging for it? Also, what is the re-re-re-release of Disintegration that you’re referencing? I’m pretty sure this is the only re-release of Disintegration, right? Or maybe you’re talking about the re-releases of the various titles? If you’re such a “fan of many years”, I’d guess you’d be excited to have the bonus material and remasters finally available. You know what? If people aren’t interested in bonus tracks and remasters of the albums, they can ignore the release. Spending time complaining about it is useless. Also, just a guess, but I think Robert didn’t choose which photo of him went at the top of this article. I’m thinking he has other things to do.

    Of course it would be great to have compelling new material (new ‘dark’ album?), but you’re the only unhappy person I’ve yet seen that’s posted anywhere about this news. Maybe I’m only checking forums with Cure fans?


    Fan of slightly fewer years (since 1986)

  5. I second what Zack says
    I can’t wait, I’ve enjoyed all of the previous reissues. They are all worth the money! Long live the Cure, I hope they continue to reissue old stuff and produce new stuff as well. I’ll take whatever I can get.

  6. Cure fans have been clamoring for this remaster since the day the project was originally announced. I’ll gladly pay again for this album. It shaped my teenage (at the time) life!

    For me, the true highlight will be Entreat Plus. It will be amazing to hear Plainsong live from this show – the sound quality was amazing on the original release so this should be spectacular.

  7. ustexasjoe: What do you mean re-re-re-releasing? These cds have NEVER been upgraded since cds hit the market. This is the only time, amigo! And unlike other artists, they’re doing remastered single and expanded editions the FIRST time. You whine more than a goth trying to sing karaoke to Charlotte Sometimes!

  8. USTexasJoe, that was a load of bollocks. Many Cure fans (myself included) have been waiting for this remastered version for a long time. Why? Because it’s REMASTERED and is going to sound great and have a bunch of extra hard to find material. DUH. If anything it’s doing Cure fans a big favor. Disintegration is one of the best albums of all time and deserves this treatment so quit yer whinging.

    • Cheryl Osborne

      If you loved the first cut of Disintegration, then why is it that the rereleased version was going to be so magnificent?!?! The shyte you all babble about is quite laughable! Who’s the bigger Cure fan?!?!?! FUCK OFF! WE ALL ARE!!!!

  9. The CD quality is pretty good for the original, but the Vinyl should be really cool because I like that sort of thing. Though hearing the demos would be pretty sweet to hear for me, as I would like to be a music producer someday, so it would be neat to hear how Robert’s ideas progressed from demo to final album.

  10. It is not said that the remastered sound would be better : in fact, I don’t like the sound new cds have and I don’t like the way the deluxe edition have been remastered. Rob, please, no noise reduction and no maximisation ! Keep it soft (on the cd there was this sentence “this album must be played loud).
    Play, yes, we will do with our amp. But the source must be low!

  11. Caroline Burns

    YES!!!!!! Finally!!!

  12. Rula Shakespeare

    I am excited about the this release of Disintegration.

    Disintegration is timeless for me. It is ranked as one of my all time favorite albums, for twenty years. It is about time it gets as much good attention as it deserves.

    You know, one of these days, after most of us x gens have grown up, we will look back at the music produced. We will look back and certainly include the last twenty with the next twenty and I klnow most of us sophisticated listeners will remeber Disitegration. Robert, thank you for your beautiful and perfect album that fills me such emotion and inspiration. I will treasure this album for the rest of my life!

  13. Finally!, I remember selling a lot of this album 20 years ago along with the USA CD singles in good quantities at the indie CD chain I managed from 1987-90 (GRCD). I remember the owner bringing back a “bucketfull” of those Lullaby UK 3″ CD singles on his UK vacation.

  14. The remasters are definitely worth buying….listen to the original CD’s and compare. It’s like night and day……

  15. Much like most of the others, I’ve been wanting Disintegration to be remastered for ages.

    The album is is brilliant, probably one of the best albums to come out in the 80’s. But the cd version fo the album, it always sounded muddled, and the highs and lows seemed compressed. So I’ve been hoping for awhile now that they’d remaster it, fix the highs and lows, and release it with Entreat.

  16. You all need to read please, there is a lot going on for 2010!

    Following a rather eventful 2008, The Cure remained virtually silent over the last 365+ days. But with yesterday’s new of Robert Smith’s inclusion on the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, it appears as if we’ll be hearing from the band in some form or matter in 2010.

    In fact, as a recent blog entry by Smith revealed, Cure fans have a few things to look forward to in the weeks and months to come. Though subtle in details, the frontman did confirm that he has “recorded a cover for a John Martyn tribute album, as well as a couple or three other ‘collaborations.’” He also added that that an exclusive iTunes album is in the works and the band has begun part two of the “Dream” sessions, which could indicate that a followup to 2008’s 4:13 Dream might not be all too far off. However, as the reliable Cure news site, Chain of Flowers, reports, there is no timetable for its release.

  17. Disintegration Remastered will outsell all of the albums relesed from 1996-now! alltogether!

    Since Boris Williams left the band, Robert never managed to have those songs with long spaces (left by Boris) where the other instruments could easily float…

    Jason is too busy and lacks creativity.

  18. I completely agree with Manford about the difference between Boris & Jason. Most of my favorite albums were those including Mr. Williams; genius that he is. I just want to make sure he gets the credit he deserves. I can’t wait to here him sound ever better on the remasters. The true fans know what it’s all about. I feel sorry for ustexasjoe completely missing the point!

  19. I love The Cure and I’m glad Robert’s re-released all the albums. They have all sounded much better than the original releases and I’m thrilled. People should stop complaining. Now we just need a Wish remaster. Everything after that sounds fairly good.

  20. leroy tyrone

    I sincerely hope the remastering of the original album does remedy the ‘murkiness’. With all due respect, I side with Sid Luscious and totally disagree with Steeve’s comment. Indeed, the original album does say “this album must be played loud”. However, increased volume only amplifies the muddiness. The narratives of each component becomes lost in what I believe to be an unintentional quagmire. The emotional quagmire invoked by the lyrics and instruments is done a real disservice by the often indistinguishableness of the individual elements. Sometimes acoustic murkiness serves to invoke a certain mood, to tell its own story as it were. The murkiness on Disintegration does not succeed in this vein. The gated snare sounds like you’re being slapped in the face with a wet piece of paper rather than driving a point home. In fact, the whole percussion schema is the greatest offender and will hopefully get a kick in the pants on the remaster. And then there’s the bottom end. Yes, the album is supposed to be bleak, damp and cold but the bass falls flat. As a result, the melodic wanderings that should be yanking us violently by the heartstrings and forcing a total embodied experience can only ambiguously clasp in the general direction of the listener and leave us praying for (bassier) rain. Please please please Robbo, please can we have more shrill and warmth? I promise it wont distract from the bleakness, it will only enhance my ability to leap into the darkest and most beautiful void that has ever been…

  21. Martin Farnworth

    Hmmm. I bought the reissue of Pornography. The extra disc was mostly tosh. crappy demo’s- that were inferior sketches of the finished article, that were likely never meant to be heard. unreleased songs maybe. it’s a free world still even if it all reeks of expanded works, for those with expanded wallets (and waistlines-20 years on!!) i’ll keep with my cassette formats of “Disintegration” and “Head On The Door”-a have a quality tape player after all

  22. Martin Farnworth

    i wonder if lol is on any of the unreleased songs. ha ha

  23. Yes they re issue the albums

    and all the b-sides

    but when the hell are they gonna put all the singles in a box set like the 12 inches love cats/boys dont cry (new club vocal)/A Forest and so forth

    we keep getting everything but the Singles

    i know alot of the early singles had only 7 inches but still it would be nice to buy box set like duran duran did with mini album replicas and so forth

  24. Isn’t ‘Disintegration’ re-released, like the previous remasters, with all the B-sides included? This “deluxe” package only included demo versions, and most of them are instrumental.

  25. bootytroll

    I just picked this up and it’s an absolute waste of money. the quality of the supposed re-mastering could be done with free ware downloaded from the internet at a much higher quality than what they just re-leased. sad, but true.

  26. SO… did I miss a few things in 2010?

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