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Madness reissuing ‘One Step Beyond…’ in expanded, remastered 30th anniversary set

Madness, circa 1979

Classic British ska outfit Madness — whose “The Prince” was the second single issued by iconic 2 Tone Records — next week will release an expanded 30th anniversary edition of their debut One Step Beyond… in their home country.

The 1979 album is expanded to two discs, with the first featuring the full 15-track album digitally remastered, plus music videos for “The Prince,” “One Step Beyond,” “Bed and Breakfast Man,” “My Girl” and “Night Boat to Cairo.”

The 18-track second disc features Peel Session recordings, demos, singles and B-sides, EP tracks, the Italian and Spanish versions of “One Step Beyond” and the three Madness tracks included on the original UK soundtrack to the classic 2 Tone concert film “Dance Craze” (Madness was left off the U.S. cassette and CD editions of the soundtrack).

See full ‘One Step Beyond…’ tracklist after the jump…

Tracklist: Madness, One Step Beyond…: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Disc 1

1. “One Step Beyond”
2. “My Girl”
3. “Night Boat To Cairo”
4. “Believe Me”
5. “Land Of Hope and Glory”
6. “The Prince”
7. “Tarzan’s Nuts”
8. “In The Middle of the Night”
9. “Bed and Breakfast Man”
10. “Razor Blade Alley”
11. “Swan Lake”
12. “Rockin’ In Ab”
13. “Mummy’s Boy”
14. “Madness”
15. “Chipmunks are Go”

1. “The Prince”
2. “One Step Beyond”
3. “Bed and Breakfast Man”
4. “My Girl”
5. “Night Boat To Cairo”

Disc 2
1. “The Prince” (Peel Session)
2. “Bed and Breakfast Man” (Peel Session)
3. “Land of Hope & Glory” (Peel Session)
4. “Stepping Into Line” (Peel Session)
5. “One Step Beyond” ( 7-inch single version)
6. “My Girl” (Mike Barson demo)
7. “Mistakes” (B-side “One Step Beyond”)
8. “Un Paso Adelante” (“One Step Beyond” Spanish version)
9. “Nutty Theme” (B-side “One Step Beyond”)
10. “My Girl” (Ballad-Flexipop)
11. “Stepping Into Line” (B-side “My Girl”)
12. “Un Paso Avanti” (“One Step Beyond” Italian version)
13. “Deceives The Eye” (Work Rest & Play EP)
14. “The Young And The Old” (Work Rest & Play EP)
15. “Don’t Quote Me On That” (Work Rest & Play EP)
16. “Razor Blade Alley” (Live from “Dance Craze”)
17. “Night Boat To Cairo” (Live from “Dance Craze”)
18. “One Step Beyond” (Live from “Dance Craze”)


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