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Depeche Mode’s ‘Peace’: Fans petition band for release of single on 12-inch vinyl

Depeche Mode

Being a Depeche Mode collector can be a serious financial burden, as longtime fans no doubt can attest: Over the years, the synthpop giants have released mountains of remix-stuffed vinyl and CD singles.

Yet this past summer, when DM released “Peace” — the second single from Sounds Of The Universe — something was missing: a 12-inch vinyl edition. Although the single was released on CD and as a 7-inch, backed by the requisite remixes, there was no 12-inch.

It’s the first time since the band’s debut single, “Dreaming of Me,” was issued on 7-inch in 1981 that Depeche Mode hasn’t issued a 12-inch for one of its commercially released singles — and the fans aren’t having it. They’ve launched the “Peace 12-inch Will Come to Me” petition (a play on the song’s lyrics) urging the band and its label to reconsider.

As of tonight, nearly 750 people from around the world have signed, with some adding their own comments, such as U.S. fan Alan Walter, who wrote, “The 12-inch is a universal tradition with Depeche Mode fans and collectors alike. We demand that it continue with ‘Peace.’ If you release it, we will buy it!”

Will this petition work? It wouldn’t be the first time. In 2006, fans petitioned Mute Records to release a 7-inch picture disc of the single “Precious” to complete the set of 45s from Playing the Angel — and the label did just that.

To sign the “Peace” petition, visit

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