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Vintage Video: The Cure’s ‘Wish’ TV commercial, from MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’

We here at Slicing Up Eyeballs World HQ recently had a stash of old VHS tapes — filled with vintage “120 Minutes” and “MTV Unplugged” episodes — converted to DVD by loyal reader Chris Cummins, the guest blogger who penned the recent “Remembering MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’” post for USA Today’s Pop Candy.

While there are far more interesting things on those tapes, I decided to test my heretofore nonexistent video ripping/editing skills by pulling this commercial for The Cure’s 1992 album, Wish, which I was surprised to see wedged between a chintzy Hyundai spot and something featuring the then-ubiquitous Michael Jordan.

It’s not much more than a curiosity these days, combining a bit of Robert Smith crucified on a giant kite from the “High” video and some animation involving the album cover. This spot aired on the April 19, 1992, episode of MTV’s “120 Minutes,” which Dave Kendall co-hosted with The Edge and Adam Clayton of U2. The Wish album was released the following day in the U.K., and two days later in the U.S.

By the way, Chris Cummins is still collecting old “120 Minutes” tapes — and CDs of the “120 Minutes: Left of the Dial” radio series — so if you’ve got any you’d like to share, drop him a line at


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