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Mick Jones’ Carbon/Silicon gives away ‘Carbon Bubble’ album as free MP3 download

Mick Jones and Tony James of Carbon/Silicon

Carbon/Silicon — the band fronted by The Clash’s Mick Jones and Tony James of Generation X — continues its tradition of offering fans free music by posting its latest full-length album, The Carbon Bubble, as a free MP3 download.

The 12-track album — available now, right here — was recorded in 2008 and 2009 with assistance from bassist Leo “Eazykill” Williams and drummer Dominic Greensmith, and features all-new songs written by Jones and James (see full tracklist below).

James, in a press statement, says this about the new album:

“Mick and I were always going to be different this time around, a bit more radical, a bit more ‘couldn’t care less’ about what has gone before, embrace this exciting time we live in… and we just wanted to make great music.”

Melding guitar-rock, sampling and technology in a vein similar to Big Audio Dynamite, Jones and James formed Carbon/Silicon in 2002, and since then, have released a number of albums, EPs and live records for free online, starting with their first single, “MPFree.”

Download the full album here.

See full tracklist and watch a video preview of ‘The Carbon Bubble’ after the jump…

Carbon/Silicon, 'The Carbon Bubble'

Tracklist: Carbon/Silicon, The Carbon Bubble

1. “Fresh Start”
2. “What’s Up Doc?”
3. “Reach for the Sky”
4. “The Best Man”
5. “Unbelievable Man”
6. “Make it Alright”
7. “PartyWorld”
8. “Shadow”
9. “Don’t Taser Me Bro!”
10. “That’s as Good as it Gets”
11. “DisUnited Kingdom”
12. “Believe or Leave”

VIDEO: Carbon/Silicon trailer for ‘The Carbon Bubble’


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