New Releases — December 14, 2009 at 2:32 pm

New releases: Public Image Ltd., The Clash reissues, plus Pet Shop Boys ‘Christmas’ EP

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, reissues and/or box sets.

Public Image Ltd., 'Metal Box'ARTIST: Public Image Ltd.
RELEASES: Metal Box, Plastic Box
BACKSTORY: Virgin Records this week marks the reunion of John Lydon’s epic post-punk act be reissuing the band’s seminal second album in a CD edition split across three discs to mimic the original vinyl. The label also is reissuing PiL’s long-out-of-print 1999 four-disc box set.
BUY IT: Metal Box via, Plastic Box via

The Clash, 'London Calling: 30th Anniversary Edition'ARTIST: The Clash
RELEASE: London Calling: 30th Anniversary Edition
BACKSTORY: This new release comes five years after an extras-packed 25th anniversary edition, and actually features less material: It’s just the classic album on one disc, plus a DVD featuring a Don Lett documentary, a trio of music videos and some home-movie footage of the band.
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Pet Shop Boys, 'Christmas' EPARTIST: Pet Shop Boys
RELEASE: Christmas
BACKSTORY: This five-track EP features new versions of “All Over the World” — from the band’s current album, Yes — and “It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas,” originally released as a fan club holiday single in 1997, plus covers of Coldplay’s ubiquitous “Viva la Vida” and the Madness chestnut “My Girl” (two versions of the latter).
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More new releases from Tears for Fears and Lisa Gerrard after the jump…

Tears for Fears, 'Live From Santa Barbara'ARTIST: Tears for Fears
RELEASE: Live From Santa Barbara
BACKSTORY: This archival live release was recorded in 1989 during the Tears for Fears’ The Seeds of Love tour, and, like the album, features guest vocalist Oleta Adams. The disc features mostly songs from that album, plus some of the duo’s earlier smash hits such as “Shout,” “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Head Over Heels.”
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Lisa Gerrard, 'Moon Pool'ARTIST: Lisa Gerrard
RELEASE: Mirror Pool
BACKSTORY: The Dead Can Dance vocalist’s 1995 solo debut is reissued in this limited-edition, 2LP vinyl pressing. The record was issued prior to that band’s final album, and includes music Gerrard wrote between 1988 and 1995 that wasn’t worked into Dead Can Dance.
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