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Love and Rockets’ Daniel Ash releases 4-track ‘It’s a Burn Out’ solo EP on iTunes

Daniel Ash, circa 2006

Daniel Ash — key player in ’80s darkwave acts Bauhaus, Love and Rockets and Tones on Tail — this month quietly released the four-track It’s a Burn Out EP on iTunes, marking the singer’s first original solo recordings in eight years.

The collection, released Dec. 8 with little fanfare, features four of the tracks that Ash posted to his MySpace page this year, and arrives six months after he released a one-off recording of a cover of the David Essex tune “Rock On” (which Love and Rockets used to play live) that he made with Zak Ambrose.

The EP features a diverse mix of tunes: the glam-splattered guitar rocker “Flame On”; “Indie Boys,” which rides a slinky, throbbing groove; the acoustic-driven “Someday”; and “Candy Eye,” a Europop duet with Angelique Bianca.

In recent interviews, the singer has both suggested he’s releasing a full album in 2010 — the follow-up to 2002’s Daniel Ash — and expressed his boredom with the album format and a desire to self-release singles and EPs online.

In July, Ash told Slicing Up Eyeballs: “I do quite like the idea of singles rather than albums. Just one track rather than listening to 10 songs. … I’ve got a MySpace now where I’ve got like five tracks, all new stuff. I’m just sort of giving it away. People can just listen to it for free and I can get a reaction from that.”

See tracklist for Daniel Ash’s ‘It’s a Burn Out’ below.


Tracklist: Daniel Ash, It’s a Burn Out

1. “Flame On”
2. “Indie Boys”
3. “Someday”
4. “Candy Eye”





  1. BlueRoseSpeedway

    Thanks for this news from your great pages. Just purchased the Daniel Ash EP, it’s really excellent, beautiful guitars, the Ash sounds are back, with witty words and his lovely voice.

  2. Captain gothboot

    Fantastic to hear from the old master again, particularly now love and rockets have gone the same way as Bela lugosi! great tunes and good beats!!

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