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The Church releasing new ‘Operetta’ EP, reissuing ‘Back With Two Beasts,’ ‘Shriek’

The Church, circa 2003

Fans of Aussie rock legends The Church have three reasons to do a bit of post-Christmas shopping this week: The band is releasing a brand-new EP — featuring a 34-minute jam, no less — and making two of its recent website-only discs available commercially worldwide.

Due out Tuesday, the four-track Operetta EP features material left over from the sessions that produced this year’s Untitled #23, the highlight of which, no doubt, is the aforementioned half-hour jam called “Particles Matter” that features Frank Kearns of Irish act Cactus World News on guitar. (See full tracklist below.)

Also out this week are reissues of 2005’s Back With Two Beasts, a 10-track companion to Uninvited, Like the Clouds originally released through the band’s website; and 2008’s Shriek: Excerpts From the Soundtrack, a 17-track disc based on the novel “Shriek: An Afterword” by Jeff VanderMeer that also was sold online only.

While it features slightly altered artwork, Back With Two Beasts is not remastered or otherwise different from its original release. Shriek, however, has been remastered to correct significant audio problems with the initial release, and errors with the tracklisting and packaging also have been corrected.

While the three CDs are being released commercially for the first time this week, they also all are currently available through The Church’s website. Order here.

See full tracklists after the jump…

The Church, 'Operetta'

Tracklist: The Church, Operetta

1. “Operetta”
2. “Silhouette In Meltdown”
3. “Moon Hangs In Black”
4. “Particles Matter”

The Church, 'Back With Two Beasts'

Tracklist: The Church, Back With Two Beasts

1. “Snowfaller”
2. “Pantechnicon”
3. “Unreliable External”
4. “”Pearls”
5. “Saturation”
6. “Heading South”
7. “Ionian Blues”
8. “Anthem X”
9. “Night Sequence”
10. “I Don’t Know”

The Church, 'Shriek: Excerpts From the Soundtrack'

Tracklist: The Church, Shriek: Excerpts From the Soundtrack

1. “We Dwell In Fragile Temporary”
2. “Shriek Voices”
3. “Shriek Theme”
4. “Duncan And Mary”
5. “Even The Flies Have Eyes”
6. “The Gray Caps”
7. “Truffidian Church”
8. “Ambergris”
9. “My Love, Last Night”
10. “Incident On Bannerville”
11. “A Tragi-comic Family Story”
12. “A Tale For You”
13. “We Are Lost”
14. “Dream Of Edward”
15. “War Of The Houses”
16. “Shriek – Reversal”
17. “The Aan Tribal War”


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