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Big Country to release ‘Peace In Our Time: Live In Moscow 1988’ CD/DVD package

Big Country

Scottish rockers Big Country this month commemorate their groundbreaking late-’80s concert behind the Iron Curtain with the archival CD/DVD package Peace In Our Time: Live In Moscow 1988.

The set, initially made available last fall through the band’s website, will be released commercially in the U.K. on Jan. 25, and features a 10-song set captured on CD and DVD; the video disc also includes a documentary on the preparations for the concert and the visit to the Soviet Union. (See full tracklist and video clip below.)

The concert — which was released on VHS in 1989, but has never been issued on CD — was recorded in September 1988 at Moscow’s Palace of Sports, around the time the band issued its fourth studio album, Peace In Our Time. According to Big Country, the group was “the first Western band to play live in the Soviet Union promoted by a private individual (not the state) and before the general paying public (not an invited audience).”

See full tracklist for ‘Peace In Our Time: Live in Moscow 1988’ after the jump…

Big Country, 'Peace In Our Time: Live In Moscow 1988'

Tracklist: Big Country, Peace In Our Time: Live In Moscow 1988

1. “Peace In Our Time”
2. “Look Away”
3. “Wonderland”
4. “Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)”
5. “Steeltown”
6. “River Of Hope”
7. “Thousand Yard Stare”
8. “King Of Emotion”
9. “Chance”
10. “In A Big Country”


  1. We miss you, Stuart Adamson.

    These guys were amazing live. Their first couple of albums are unimpeachable brilliance.

  2. As a middle-aged hippie, I have had the pleasure to have seen a number of great live bands, including The Who, The 1969 Rolling Stones, The Doors, James Brown, The Boss, etc. Big Country was as dynamic and powerful live as any of them! Stuart and BC will never be forgotten!

  3. wow! give us peace in our time…

  4. Big Country – one of the very few, and one of the greatest rock bands I ever saw live. Stuart was a real gentleman who truly loved the fans. Mike Peters will do a great job with the rest of the band. Another great musician, and a wonderful choice.

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