Reissues — January 20, 2010 at 10:18 am

Pixies’ ‘Doolittle’ getting ‘Omnibus Edition’ reissue with new surround mix, demos


The canonization of the Pixies’ beloved Doolittle continues with Beggars Archives’ just-announced plans to release an “Omnibus Edition” of the 1989 album, with a new surround mix, the record’s demos and possibly a Blu-ray included in the expanded box set.

When the Beggars Banquet archival imprint launched last summer, the Pixies were included in its initial list of projects, but no details were announced. In a post this morning to the Beggars Archive blog, the label for the first time revealed its plans for Doolittle, which has been the subject of an ongoing 20th anniversary tour by the band.

However, details, as well as a timeline for release, remain scarce:

“The surround mix of Doolittle is slowly coming together and we’re looking to interview everyone involved with the album for the Omnibus booklet. The demo tapes will be mastered soon (or as soon as The Fall is finished). I can feel another Blu-ray coming on…”

The label currently is working on previously announced reissues of The Fall’s The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall (a 4CD set) and This Nation’s Saving Grace (3CD), as well as This Mortal Coil’s three albums — It’ll End in Tears, Filigree & Shadow and Blood— which are set to be reissued with new Vaughan Oliver artwork and packaged in a 4CD set with a fourth disc of singles. (As for the latter set of reissues, Beggars reports:  “With the emergence of Blu-ray audio we may do a release so that you can bathe in the wonderment of genuinely improved sound quality.”)

No release dates have been announced for Fall or This Mortal Coil projects, but those sets are expected this year. It’s unclear when the Doolittle reissue might surface. So far, Beggars Archive has released multidisc  Omnibus Edition box sets for The Cult’s Love and Bauhaus’ In the Flat Field and Mask.


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