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Bomb the Bass reissuing 1988’s ‘Into the Dragon,’ releasing new album ‘Back to Light’

Bomb the Bass' Tim Simenon, circa 2009

Brit DJ/producer Tim Simenon’s alter ego Bomb the Bass returns in the coming weeks with both a brand-new studio album — Back to Light, only the act’s second full-length in the last 15 years — and an expanded reissue of its game-changing 1988 debut Into the Dragon.

First up is BTB’s debut, rechristened Into the Dragon… Plus and due out Feb. 16 on Cherry Red Records. The remastered disc features four bonus tracks: alternate mixes of “Don’t Make Me Wait,” “Megablast,” “Say a Little Prayer” and the iconic “Beat Dis,” the 1987 debut single that exploded onto the UK charts and, with its alleged 70-odd samples, helped launch DJ culture into the mainstream.

Simenon also is releasing a new Bomb the Bass album, the follow-up to 2008’s Future Chaos, which was the first new BTB album in more than a decade — time off that saw Simenon focusing on production duties, including helping fill the departed Alan Wilder’s shoes on Depeche Mode’s 1997 album Ultra.

Due out in early March — although shows a Feb. 16 release date — the 10-track Back to Light is being preceded by a single a month; so far, “The Infinites” and “X-Ray Eyes” are out in remix-laden digital releases, with two more due before the album drops. As for Back to Light, the record features contributions from Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, Paul Conboy, Gui Boratto and more.

See full tracklists for both Bomb the Bass releases and audio samples below…

Bomb the Bass, 'Enter the Dragon'

Tracklist: Bomb the Bass, Into the Dragon… Plus

1. “Beat Dis” (US 7″ Mix)
2. “Megablast” (Rap Version, Featuring Merlin)
3.  “On The Cut”
4. “Don’t Make Me Wait”
5. “Dynamite Beats”
6. “Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)”
7. “Hey You!”
8. “Shake It”
9. “Say A Little Prayer”
10. “Beat Dat” (Freestyle Scratch Mix)*
11. “Beat Dis” (Gangster Boogie Inc. Remix)*
12. “Don’t Make Me Wait” (Maximum Frequency Mix)*
13. “Megablast” (Original Rap Featuring Merlin)*
14. “Say A Little Prayer” (Get Down & Pray Mix)*

*Bonus tracks

Bomb the Bass, 'Back to Light'

Tracklist: Bomb the Bass, Back to Light

1. “Boy Girl” (Featuring Paul Conboy)
2. “X Ray Eyes” (Featuring Kelley Polar)
3. “The Infinites” (Featuring Paul Conboy)
4. “Price On Your Head” (Featuring Richard Davis)
5. “Blindspot” (Featuring Paul Conboy)
6. “Start” (Featuring Kelley Polar)
7. “Burn Less Brighter” (Featuring Paul Conboy)
8. “Happy To Be Cold” (Featuring Richard Davis)
9. “Up The Mountain” (Featuring The Battle Of Land And Sea)
10. “Milakia” (Featuring Martin Gore)

Video: Bomb the Bass, ‘Beat Dis,’ single released in 1987

Video: Bomb the Bass, The Infinites,’ single released in 2009

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